January 2018

Happy 2018!

It's a brand new year and we are looking forward to getting our hands on some of this year's hotly anticipated new releases. Look out for these in the Library this Spring!
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And speaking of new books... here are a few that have come in already that are never on the shelf for long!

Dog Man

Dog Man, a new comic novel series by the creator of Captain Underpants now has 4 volumes available in the Library. Kids love these books because they're full of juvenile humor involving bodily functions and explosions. We love these books because illustrated books with humour can help work through early reading struggles. In fact, Dav Pilkey had dyslexia and reading funny comics led him to become a very successful writer!

Suri's Wall

A poignant and provocative picture book for upper primary pupils that explores the nature of friendship and perspective in the face of turbulent times. Suri is the only child that can look over the wall and tell the other children what she sees, but when the beautiful landscape is ravaged by war, she chooses to hide it from those who can't see.

This month's news roundup...

The next royal wedding, big news for Disney, gearing up for the Winter Olympics in South Korea and looking at some of the world's most popular winter sports... just some of the news that has hit the magazine shelves. Our focus for the next few months is to KNOW YOUR WORLD no matter what your age.


What is Information Literacy?

Information Literacy is the ability to recognize when information is needed and learn to locate, evaluate, and use that information effectively. The Library plays an important role in helping our students develop these skills: through Library Skills lessons, pupils are taught about how the Library works and where information can be found.

How To Find a Book

Throughout the years, students are taught to independently find what they want - starting in Year 1 where they learn the difference between a picture book and a fact book all the way through to Year 6 where they will understand why books are sorted into different categories and how they are organised on the shelves.

On-Line Information

With the huge proliferation of new platforms providing information on-line, it is vital that pupils learn how to navigate the web and disseminate the information they find. Just like finding an item in the index of a non-fiction book, students need to know where and how to find the things they are looking for on-line safely and efficiently.

A number of our Library Skills lessons teach some of these skills to support what they learn in class and their research at home.

How Parents Can Help

Parents can help support their children as well, by guiding them towards appropriate search engines and helping them navigate while they are doing research at home. Our Library page on Planet Peak has a number of great sites - you can hit the Library Tools button to get to it.


Our second fabulous guest author is coming at the beginning of next month, and once again, we'll roll out the red carpet and make sure everyone is entertained!

Stuart Reid

On Monday 5th February, Stuart Reid, author of the Gorgeous George series, will be performing his "Reading Rocks" event for the entire school and running workshops for the Year 3's to coincide with their How We Express Ourselves unit of inquiry. He has performed at 700 schools, libraries and book festivals and his one-hour presentations are designed to engage and inspire children, especially reluctant readers, with the joy of books through audience participation, fun and energy.

Book order forms with more details of the day will be sent home closer to the time.

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