Mickey and Pluto Civic Law

Mickey Mouse- Civil Lawyer; Pluto- assistant and smile-maker

We are willing to help plaintiffs and defendants!

Plaintiffs- we'll happily help you file a complaint and assist you through the whole process

Defendants- we'll assist you in responding to summons and stay with you throughout the entire journey


If you are the plaintiff, you are the one filing the complaint. We'll assist you in filing the complaint, represent you, and provide transportation to any courtrooms or offices


Receiving a summons can be scary. First of all, a summons is a notice that you will have received that tells you when and where you need to be in court. We are glad to help you respond to the summons, represent you, and we will provide transportation to any courts or offices

Both of You, Things you need to be familiar with

Plaintiff's and Defendant's lawyers will meet and combine the complaint and the answer in something called the pleadings. This is done at the pretrial conference. You don't have to be there, but it is recommended that you are. In the conference, we will meet with the other party to clarify any differences and outline the lawsuit. There is absolutely NO need for yelling and screaming. WE ARE A CIVILIZED PEOPLE!

How this works

After the pretrial conference, you and your lawyer will go through the discovery period. This is when we get the facts together and put together your case. This is very important, especially if you decide to go the arbitration route.


Mediation is when both parties meet with an unbiased person, known as the mediator. The mediator simply regulates the conversation, but allows the plaintiff and the defendant work their differences out on their own, with the help of their lawyers.


If you decide to go the arbitration route, both parties meet with a judge who will rule in favor of one party. This judge is known as the arbitrator.

HOW TO WIN IN ARBITRATION: have the preponderance of the evidence! This means that the majority of the evidence points to something in your favor.

Both Mediation and Arbitration Are Out-of-Court Proceedings


But, if you want to go to court, we're not stopping you. Again, you need a strong case. Preponderance of the Evidence will again cause you to win, but if the trial could go either way, it is recommended that you choose one of the out-of-court methods.

In both Arbitration and Trial there will be a verdict

If you are not satisfied with the verdict, you have the right to appeal your case
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