Science Newsletter August 2014

James Bowie Middle School

Welcome To 8th Grade Science

Welcome to 8th Grade at James Bowie Middle School. You will enjoy the increased activities and freedoms associated with 8th grade. There will also be increased expectations from your parents, and of course, your teachers. Be aware that your attitude and study habits are crucial to your success this year and your progression to high school.

We will be covering new topics this year, as well as previous topics from 6th and 7th grades. There is no central textbook this year, so you will not be issued a textbook to take home. We will use the online textbooks for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. If you actively participate in class, study on your own time, give 100% on assignments and complete homework, you will be very successful in my class. If you choose not to do these things, you are guaranteed to struggle throughout the school year.

Flipped Science Class

This year, my classes will be in a "Flipped" environment. I'm very excited about this new structure and I know your scientists will love it as well. Below, you will find a brief overview what a "Flipped" Classroom entails. Click the link below to watch a Youtube segment of what to expect this school year.

My Science Website

All information reviewed in my science class can be found on the following website. Please visit this site for online resources, class notes & additional activities. This site is your "go-to" resource for any missing information or if you need additional clarification.

This Week's Highlights

Here are the upcoming events for this week.

Monday - Bear Camp. Rules & Expectations

Tuesday - Rules, Expectations & Lab Safety Activity

Wednesday - Scientific Method Lab - Day 1

Thursday - Scientific Method Lab - Day 2

Friday - Computer Lab

STaar Student of the Month

Each month, I will acknowledge students for each class period who went above and beyond in my classroom. Please congratulate these students for their positive attitude and outstanding work ethic.

Reminders For Students & Parents

Remind 101 Classroom Reminders

Remind 101 is a free messaging service designed to send important classroom reminders to parents & students via text message. If you are interested, please review the instruction sheet on my weebly page or text @a01d to (424) 231-0891. It’s that simple.

Upcoming Events

Boy's Football - First Scrimmage - Sept. 8th vs. Sugarland MS

Girl's Volleyball - First Scrimmage - Sept. 4th @ Sartartia MS

Bowie Open House - Thursday, September 11th