For Sale - The Ultimate Locker

Asking Price: $280

This locker is available for purchase right now!

Our company (KCCS) chose to make The Ultimate Locker because we wanted to create a product that can solve a student's problems in school. We decided on the Ultimate Locker because most 12-18y olds use lockers & can easily help them by just solving all the problems. If they are not organised they can just use the binder organiser because we all know that is one of the biggest issues for students these days.

For sale now for $280

The Ultimate Locker is designed to help 12-18y olds using its unique design & features. The Ultimate Locker has: a microwave, binder organiser, sponge flooring, a washer & dryer, timetable, mirror, ladder, gum dispencer, and a USB port. All of these features can help students in some way. For example if you fall in mud the washer & dryer can clean your clothes in no time.

This locker is gauranteed to be awesome

We think that the 12-18 age range is the best market for our product because all 12-18y olds use a locker & go throught stuff such as disorganisation, falling in mud & having cold lunches we also think that 12-18 age range is the best market for our product because in middle/high school it can be tought but with The Ultimate Locker it will be much more easier & its solutions are specially designed just for teenagers & middlle schoolers.

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