Sarah Margaret Fuller

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Margaret Fuller

Margaret Fuller was born into an upper-middle-class puritan family in Cambridgeport , Massachusetts, and christened Sarah Margaret Fuller. Her mother , Margaret Crane Fuller (1789-1859), was a schoolteacher , who after her marriage led the life of a traditional wife and mother .
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Margaret family

Fuller was the first of nine children; six other siblings, of whom four brothers and one sister survived into adulthood, later completed the family. Positioned for some years , then, as the only child and recognized as gifted and self-willed ,Margaret received her preliminary schooling from her father , who fixed his hopes for the future on her .

Her teenage years

Durning her teenage years , her father enrolled her in several school. But at these school, finding no intellectual peers , Margaret became a social outcast, lacking the poise and social graces of the young women her age.
In 1835, with the sudden death of her father , margaret , now age twenty-five , became head of the household ,assuming the responsibilities of educating her younger siblings and providing for her mother . there she conducted private lessons in german and italian.
Family circumstances and her own desire to leave schoolroom teaching caused Margaret to relocate with her family to Jamaica plain, Massachusetts, in 1839.
The publication of her Summer on the lakes , the fictive story of a gifted but alienated teenaged girl's experience at boarding school, attracted the attention of horace greeley, who subsequently offered Margaret a position as literary critic for the New York Daily-Tribune, of which he was editor.
Margaret,on being appointed director of a hospital and learning to care for the wounded, journeyed between rome and a village, where she often left their son to the care of others foe weeks at a time.

It also provided Margaret with the opportunity to combine her social theory with action.