Scientific Revolution

-Tanisha Santiago

What Was The Change ?

The Scientific Revolution was a change of science through out the society at the time. New tools were invented, new experiments, and new theories. It was a new and improved way of thinking about the natural world. Scientists at the time wanted to change the way people saw the world, and so they did by proving the geocentric model wrong. People for many years believed the geocentric model was the way the Universe was,but that was incorrect because for a fact the Earth is not in the middle of the Universe. During this period they changed the way the Universe was described and how the universe was seen.

How did the change impact society at the time?

The scientific revolution affected society at that time period. It caused many people to questioned what's really around them. For example, many scholars tested out theories to re-check their work. They built telescopes to see what's in space and many people tried to make new observations. Lots of professors, scientist, and scholars corrected theories and proved them right. The scientific revolution helped them create the calendar by this they can tell time. The motion of the planets can detect the time by the position of the planets. Also at the time period they didn't know anything about adding or subtracting so the scientific revolution brought calculus to their time. Calculus helped them with adding and subtracting and also helped them count up the days of the year. The scientific revolution helped them at that time period a lot .

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

The scientific revolution also affects us today. We study about science in school to revise what happened long ago. Astronomers now use telescope to see galaxies, planets, and stars to examine them better. Science revolution helped us use calculus which helps helps with math . Without all there theories about the motion of the earth we wouldn't know the calendars date and we wouldn't know about the time. Also without the knowing of the motion of the planets we wouldn't know our planets. Scientific revolution helped us a lot and it helps us improve with our knowledge .

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This shows how they affected today's time.


Geocentric model explains earth is located in the center,

Ptolemy and Aristotle was its presenter.

Nicolaus Copernicus was an astronomer,

argued about the geocentric theory,

proved his point which made him popular.

Scientific revoultion proved we need science.

They all work together as an alliance.