From the Desk of Miss Foyle...

Room 322 - 1/23/15

Important Announcements and Reminders


*Come cheer on the ICSJ faculty and students as they play in the annual teacher v students basketball game on Friday night (1/23).

*All are invited to join the ICSJ community as we kick off Catholic Schools' Week with Mass at St. Joseph Church on Sunday, January 25th, at 11 a.m. Students are asked to wear their uniforms to Church.

*Parents, grandparents, and guests are welcome to visit ICSJ on Monday, January 26th. Breakfast will be provided at Hill Street in the cafeteria, and from 8:20-10:00 the classrooms will be open. Please join us! (This is a uniform day for students.)

*Please see the flyer sent home (or school website: - parent center) with additional information regarding CSW events, themes, & more!

RED FOLDER Reminder: Please review all red folder assessments each weekend before signing and sending the folder back. Thank you for taking the time to review your child's assessments regularly.

Please check my class webpage ( - parent log-in; SJ campus - MS - Miss Foyle) for regular updates on homework and announcements.


*Retreat = Sunday, February 8th (10-3pm; Mother Cabrini Shrine) *required*

*Service Hour reflections should be turned in as hours are completed.

*Sponsors and Saints should be finalized ASAP. Contact Miss Foyle with questions or concerns. (If a sponsor is unable to attend the Confirmation Mass, someone may stand in for him/her that night.)

In a Nutshell...

6th Grade Language Arts

Book Club: Students in all three novels finished up last week, and they met in their respective groups one last time on Wednesday before taking their book-end tests on Thursday. Though some students had mixed feelings about the hero books we read, many walked away with a deeper appreciation of plot development, a richer vocabulary, and an understanding of the hero's journey. In February, we will move on to studying Greek mythology, which will culminate in a Greek festival - stay tuned!

Poetry: Through, the classroom has been "flipped" (in a sense), as students have watched short videos on poetry-related topics for homework and then discussed what they viewed and took notes on in class. This week's lesson was on figurative language. Next Monday, we will have a celebration of poetry during Grandparents' Day, with hands-on stations for reading, analyzing, and crafting poetry. (We hope you will join us!)

Writing Workshop: Students worked in groups to analyze sample student answers to extended response items from a sample ISAT. They were each given the scoring rubric, and, after having scored one together, they moved around the room with their table groups, scoring and giving reasons for those scores. We debriefed afterwards, noting how important it is to provide a strong structure and to use evidence to draw conclusions from the text. It was a helpful exercise.

Spelling Bee Prelims: Congratulations to Lilly and Sophia for winning the 6B class spelling bee. They will join other class/grade-level representatives in the school-wide spelling bee on Friday, January 30th, at 9 a.m. Way to go, ladies!

Genius Hour: This week featured student presentations on how to make stop-motion videos (using an app), the debate between Apple and Samsung, and more!

Grammar: Students differentiated between regular and irregular verbs with an exercise that invited them to change irregular verbs to past and past perfect tenses. On Thursday, students did a "walking quiz" review activity, where they visited different cards posted around the room. Upon reading each card, students used their grammar knowledge of Unit 3 concepts to respond to each prompt before rotating to the next card. It was a great way to get up and moving, especially after sitting for awhile to take the hero novel test. (There will be a Unit 3 grammar test next Thursday, January 29th.)

7th Grade Religion

Students are continuing the Family Life curriculum. This week, students focused on maintaining healthy habits and strong self-esteem, using faith to resist temptation, and developing a deeper understanding of how love transforms people. Activities ranged from reading passages in the book to engaging in large and small group discussions to participating in various written activities. Students will take their Family Life quiz after finishing lessons 8-10* next week.

*Due to the NP pep rally on Friday, 7B did not have Religion class. They will resume next week with Lesson 7.

8th Grade Religion

On Tuesday, students worked in their table groups to read various passages from the Bible that give insight into the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the faithful. Toward the end of class, students reflected on their Confirmation Saints and sponsors, noting how they can emulate the faith life of each. (Some students finished up on Thursday.)

On Thursday, students began learning about the order of the Confirmation Rite: 1) Presentation of the Candidates, 2) Bishop's Homily, 3) Baptismal Promise Renewal, 4) Laying of Hands and Anointing with Chrism, & 5) General Intercessions. They'll soon be ready for the Sacrament! (Please keep them in your prayers.) Students also received a study guide on Thursday - their Unit Test is on Tuesday, January 27th.

Students did not have class on Monday (Dr. MLK, Jr. holiday) or Friday (afternoon pep rally at North Park campus).