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Assuming the States debt

Initially, opposed; ordinary citizens had loaned the government money wanted these people at least partially repaid. Accepted Hamilton’s plan in exchange for the move of the Capitol.

Creation of a National Bank

A national bank is not “necessary,” so it is not authorized under the Constitution; such a bank would benefit commercial classes, not the farmers Jefferson favored

French Revolution

Supported the popular forces in the French Revolution and favored

American assistance

Power of the National Government

they belived that the national government had to much power

Alien & Sedition Acts

Opposed, along with the enlarged army, as a threat to citizen’s

individual liberties.

War with Britain in 1812

The Democratic Republicans were for the war as they saw it as an opportunity to gain more support for citizens. It was an opportunity to weaken the federalist They also is despised British

The leaders, Slogan

Thomas Jefferson, James Madison

Be a Democratic don't think about it, if your with us i wont be sad but glad