Social Media Apps Making Money

A 20 Time Product

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How Do Social Media Apps Start?

Many apps start as a small idea and end up becoming much more then the owner can imagine. Other apps are created by major companies. Some times these apps could be a branch off of the original app and others can be the its own stand alone app.
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How Do Apps Start To Make A profit?

~Many social media apps are able to be purchased for free. So how do they make a profit.



~ in app purchases

~potential app upgrades

How Do Apps Use Advertisements?

~ Apps like twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have found was to advertise with out making the app clustered.

~ Instagram recently started having advertisement posts

~ Twitter uses third party companies to have celebrity endorsed ads.

~ twitter also plans to do this with vine

~ Facebook has ads based off of pages that you like and follow

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Buying and Selling of Apps

~Big social media companies like Facebook and Twitter buy other social media apps to help eliminate competition.

~Twitter bought Vine to help compete with Facebook's purchase of Instagram.

~ Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion.

~ Facebook buys Whatsapp to eliminate competition for messenger apps.

~Facebook offers Snapchat $3 Billion to help get upper hand over Twitter.

~Many of the social media apps that sell are lesser name products. Many people don't know of the app.

~Apps sell because they cannot compete with the big names like Facebook and Twitter.

~Other apps are created just to be sold to companies.

~ Also sometimes the creators and owners are get an offer they can't turn down.

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Some Apps That Failed To Make Money.

~Not all apps Have success

~ Domes apps fail to make money and can't support themselves

~ other apps are bought but end up failing and not gaining a profit

~ examples: WhatsApp

How This Relates

~ It is business because of marketing.

~ Also has many investments involved

~ The buying and selling of apps

My Process and the struggles I faced

~ I was curious how apps made money

~ I researched specific social media apps

~ Learned how they made money

~ decided to find out if some apps failed

~ Wanted to find out why apps failed

~ put all the information together into one project

~ some struggles were finding a place to start, and finding apps that have struggled or have been bad investments