Get healthy

It says, I say and so

It says

It says: "fat is the new tobacco,"


I say: This quote has a pretty big meaning. It means “fat is the new tobacco” As that people are getting more fat and that It is easy to have.

I mean by easy is that you can easily buy junk foods and they are cheaper . (Like the other day when me and my mom went to buy groceries And all where fruits and veg and it cost to 50 or more!) and some people don’t have the money. Also that people buy more and more junk foods. It’s that our body does crave sugar and it’s almost like smoking. It’s easy to do But hard to stop. And that's just like eating junk foods and also staying inside and going on your Ipad, iphone mac or whatever. It’s fun but hard to stop. People say it’s easy but It’s actually a lot harder than you think for some people. Sometimes it’s okay to just stay at home and go on your device all day but not every day because you would need to balance it out.

And so

And so…By being aware you could see it on magazines, ads, psa and other things. Also that you should go and hang out with friends and play with them, and play a sport or just of for a ran and hike. It’s actually really fun. And that you will live longer and who doesn't want to live longer? So it;s a win win thing.