Computer Basics

for Learning Coaches by Learning Coaches

If you have ever wanted to learn new computer skills or just brush up on your tech savvy skills, you have come to the right place.

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Becoming a Boss of Your Learning Coach Emails

Take charge of your Learning Coach inbox. Joanna shares her advice for taking control of your email inbox by creating systems and routines that set you up for success. Communication is vital to the schooling process, and having a good email organization system helps to ensure you are in the driver's seat.
Learning Coach Emails

Be in Command of your Digital Organizing

Learn how to take control and organize digital documents on your computer, create folders and subfolders, hear some great organization tips and discover how to retrieve and search for items in your folders.
Digital Organization

Take Charge of Your Online School Experience: Web Browsers

Not a tech expert? That's okay - you don't have to be! In this video, Joanna covers how to check that your browser versions are up to date, when to use what browser, how to test other browsers when files don't load and other helpful tips and resources!

Web Browser