Cub Discipline Report

Where we stand after 1st 9 Weeks


Cub Families,

I think it is important to be transparent and with these newsletters, we want to tell our story: what is going on at Madison, highlights, accomplishments, discipline, and various other items. It Is hard to capture everything in a newsletter and not inundate you with too much information. I think it's important for you to know exactly where we are with discipline and what challenges we face as a high school.

What does 90.8% of our students represent? It means 777 out of our 855 high school students, between MCHS and E.O. Jr./Sr. High, have zero write-ups for discipline items. We have had 161 incidents by 78 students. Below is a breakdown by class and by the incident.


94.3 % = 182 out of 193 (11)


91.89% = 204 out of 222 (18)


91.34% = 211 out of 231 (20)


86.12% = 180 out of 209 (29)

The upperclassmen are leading by example of doing the right things. This is a great trend! Our students, overall, tend to be on time, respectful, and represent MCHS, their families, their community, and themselves in a proud manner. Our teachers and staff are holding students accountable. Our hope, in the long run, is this will pay off in producing successful members of our community to be ready for either the workforce, college, or whatever their next step might be.

161 incidents broken down:

Cheating (4)

Disrespect (6)

Disruptive Behaviour (10)

Dress & Grooming (1)

Drugs (4)

Electronic Signaling Devices (5)

Fighting (3)

Gross Disobedience (8)

Harassment (1)

Profanity (1)

Tardiness (49)

Tobacco (4)

Truancy (21)

Alcohol (1)

Defiance (22)

Tech Misuse (1)

Inappropriate Language (1)

Failure to Serve (17)

At the end of each term, I will share with you our stats. These stats do not show the number of times teachers have dealt with classroom management issues without students receiving a referral. Again, I feel we are all in this together and you need to be aware of where we are as a school and community with our discipline.

We have great kids at Madison and we must always work at getting better too.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.