James Chadwick

By: Saebrynne and Hailey

Who James was...

  • He was an English physicist
  • He helped in the second world war
  • He was awarded the 1935 noble prize in physics
  • He was born in October of 1891
  • He died in July of 1974
  • He started at a University in 1908 at age 17 by the time he was 19 he was in the final year of his physics degree

Where he worked...

  • He started his research in a university between the ages of 17 and 19.
  • At 19 he continued his research at Ernest Rutherford's laboratory.
  • He continued his project after graduation in 1911 when he graduated with first class honors.
  • His work in Rutherford's laboratory continued until the age of 21
  • After that he had won a scholarship allowing him to go to Berlin, Germany to work in Hans Geiger’s laboratory

What he discovered...

  • He discovered the neutron in 1932
  • He wrote final draft MAUD report which inspired the government to research the atomic bomb