BAMS Staff Newsletter

March 16th, 2014 - Volume 1, Issue 23

Bessie Allen Middle School - SLO


By the end of the 2013-2014 school year, each grade level will increase the Mean Reading RIT score on the MAP Reading Assessment.

  • 6th Grade - Mean Reading RIT score will increase by 9 points (Fall 205.5 - Spring above 214.5)
  • 7th Grade - Mean Reading RIT score will increase by 7 points (Fall 208.8 - Spring above 215.8)
  • 8th Grade - Mean Reading RIT score will increase by 5 points (Fall 215.4 - Spring above 220.4)

*I feel this goal is ambitious and flows much better with the individual SLOs that we have in our building. These numbers were selected based on historical MAP Reading data for our building and based on growth of National RIT Score Norms for Reading.

Out of the Office

The following times I will not be in the building or will be out of the office:
  • March 19th - 9:30-11:00 - Admin Meeting - DMR
  • March 25th - 9:30-11:00 - Admin Meeting - DMR

News and Notes

  • Final requisitions need to be turned in by April 11th so materials are paid for with this year's budget. Please let me know if there are needs that you have.
  • Safety Drill - Thank you again for taking time to review these procedures and for taken the drill seriously. It might be a good idea to have a hard copy of the emergency plan in your room for you and visitors to access. If you have any questions please ask.
  • At the April Early Release, we will be learning more about STAR benchmark assessments. Most likely we will not be using MAP next year and will utilize STAR as our benchmark assessment.
  • RtI Team - Our RtI team met for the first time last week. Thank you to Theresa, Julie, Adam, and Melissa for your leadership. There will be times that this team will ask for your trust to make decisions for our building. There will be other times that this team gets the work started and then seeks input from staff to finalize a task. We will send out team meeting notes after each meeting so everyone is kept informed. If you have any questions, please see myself or a member of this team.
  • Rebirth of Team Room - I am strongly considering going back to utilizing the room between the counselors office and the main office as the location for our team meetings next year. One reason for this is to have student documentation and data easily accessible to teams when they meet. Please come see me if you have any thoughts about this.
  • Thank you - Thank you Adam Micke and Ginnie Harney for joining forces to create a new student organization in our building - Oriole Leaders! Instead of Student Council and Junior National Honor Society working separately, there roles have been molded into one group. Thank you staff for taking time to nominate and write letters for some of our students. Please see Adam or Ginnie if you have any questions or concerns as a new era begins. :)
  • Everyone has been working so hard. Thank you for all that you do. Please remember to pace yourself and ask for help when necessary. We are getting very close to our next long weekend, which is much deserved.
  • Pep Assembly - March 26th - The Pep Assembly schedule will be out soon. At this assembly we will announce our 3rd quarter BAMS Medal of Excellence winners and then play some hoops. Who's playing? Rebecca will be singing the National Anthem.
  • The SPED department will be utilizing a literacy support program called the Wilson Reading System for next school year. Beth, Sarah, and Judy will be receiving some training on this program this year and then implement this program with some SPED students next fall. This would be a great thing to discuss with them and get their thoughts on this program.
  • Next Newsletter - There will be no newsletter next week, but look for the next issue to come out on March 30th.

Oriole Way

  • If at any time you need behavioral data on a student, please speak with Brandon. He would be happy to get you any data you need.
  • Next Meeting - March 26th at 7am

OASYS and Teacher Effectiveness

  • Documentation Log - Due May 1st
  • 2nd Observation - Due Before May 1st
  • End of Year SLO Review - Due by May 15th
  • SLO Score Report - Due by May 31st
  • 2 visits to another classroom - Due by the End of the Year

*NEW ANNOUNCEMENT - I have been completing the Interim Evaluation for all Year 3 Educators and Specialists. This form is designed to provide you with some feedback on the 6 Standards to this point. Some of you have received this already and some of you will be receiving it in the near future. Once it is submitted to you, you will have to acknowledge it and then I can finalize it. Please let me know if you have any questions.

**Documentation Log Reminders:

  • You should have at least 1 artifact per standard and not more than 3 artifacts for any one standard.
  • The classroom observations of any other teacher can go into any standard. Pick the standard that makes the most sense based on what you observed or what you took away from the experience.

Dates to Remember

  • March 18th - Staff Meeting - 2:50-3:15
  • March 20th - 8th Grade Alcohol and Wellness Survey
  • March 21st - End of 3rd Quarter
  • March 26th - Oriole Way Meeting - 7am
  • March 26th - Pep Assembly

Staff Meeting Agenda

Next Staff Meeting: March 18th, 2014 - 2:50-3:15pm

Agenda: Review Leadership Survey & 2014-2015 BAMS Schedule

  • The first part of the meeting I will share with you the results of my leadership survey. Thank you to everyone that was able to take the survey.
  • We will also look at a paper copy of our schedule for next year.

Early Release Agenda

April 9th, 2014

  • Intro to STAR Assessment
  • Work on District Initiatives

Mystery Staff Member

Who am I?

  • I grew up in a town of 117 people.
  • I spent many days searching for the Lost Dutchman's Mine.
  • I got married on a yacht and honeymooned in Idaho.

After reading the clues, email me with your guess of who this staff member is. The first 3 people to email me with the correct answer will get to prize from the "prize box".

Last week's Mystery Staff Member: Ginnie Harney

Last week's winner(s): Julie Skaer, Chris Redeker, Jennifer O'Leary