Dead zones

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Main Issues with Dead Zones

The really bad issue with dead zones are that these areas have little to no oxygen concentration. Animal life here, because of no oxygen, suffocates and dies. Due to that, the drop in wildlife causes industries like fishing to decline.

Negative Effects

Pollution is a way that dead zones occur, you already know the effect that pollution has on the environment, it literally kills the environment. The lack of oxygen kills the things around it. Almost every living thing needs oxygen.

Human Effects

The Fish and plants in the area die and because we humans are so dependent on fish and other sea creatures the fishing industry would die out causing a devastation in fishing communities.


Pollution is the main cause of Dead zones, but some occur naturally because of biological, chemical and physical factors.
Dead Zones


One big thing that people are doing in order to avoid Dead zones, are they are using less pesticides. I would insure that there would be no farms around major streams or oceans and made sure that no pollutants would enter the ocean.