Grade 1 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 1 Summer Term 2016: 4th-8th April

Dates for the Diary

Wednesday 13th April - Early Years Chinese Readers Parent Workshop

To provide more opportunities for our Early Years children to practice their Chinese language skills. We will be launching the Early Years Chinese Readers programme during the Summer Term. We hope that parents can support their children with reading at home. Please RSVP in the section below should you wish to join the workshop on 13th April from 8.00 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. at the Dance Studio to find out more.

Thursday 28th April - Grade 1AMc and Grade 1JWo trip to Sungei Buloh.

Friday 29th April - Grade 1CNe and Grade 1AMo trip to Sungei Buloh

Xpress Swimming Timetable (April 2016)

The SJIIES Swim Galas are fast approaching (week starting 2nd May) and the children are working hard in swim lessons preparing for their events. Those classes who are currently on a Land PE Block will be given an Xpress Swimming Unit for 2 weeks so that they too can have preparation and practice time for their Galas.

These slots are as follows:

Grade 1AMc

Wednesday 20th April @ 11.20am

Wednesday 27th April @ 11.20am

Looking forward to seeing you all poolside!

Early Years Chinese Readers Parent Workshop

Wednesday, April 13th, 8-8:30am

ES Dance Studio

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

IPC Unit of Work - Our World, Our Environment

We have launched our new Unit of Work ‘Our World, our Environment’ this week which began with our Entry Point on Monday. It was a treasure hunt around our school environment to visit different places that perhaps we do not visit often around our school campus. First the children looked at photographs and then raced off to find these locations with their team.

As they visited these different locations there were letters that they needed to collect, which ended up spelling the words ‘OUR WORLD!’

We were very impressed with the children's enthusiastic team work and listening skills to complete this fun activity so well.

Back in the classroom some of our classes worked on their Knowledge Harvest, in which the children had to think about the special places around our school and home environments that they might show a new visitor.

After that we shared The Big Picture (unit overview) and thought about what we already knew about this topic. We then thought about what knowledge we might like to learn as we go along our learning journey.

Next week we will be looking at which materials are best for growing seeds. The focus of this is to see if the children can recall their knowledge of what is meant by a ‘fair test’.

Language Arts


This week we have been revisiting the ‘Just Right Books’ CAFÉ strategy. We use the ‘Five Finger Rule’ to choose books that are a good fit for us. They are books where we can read almost all of the words, and where we understand what almost all of the words mean. This strategy helps us to choose books that we can read independently, so we can focus on the meaning when we read.

We have also been working on recalling what we have read when reading All About Books. We can learn things when we read!


This week we began our new Writers’ Workshop unit on All About Books (non-fiction). We have been reading All About Books (immersion in the genre) and identifying features in them. We noticed that when authors write All About Books, they include things like contents pages, page numbers, page heading, labels and glossaries. We have also been coming up with ideas for our very own All About Books! We know that our ideas need to be a) real and b) topics that we know a lot about.

Spelling, Phonics and Grammar

This week we have been focusing on using the correct versions of verbs to show tense. Our spelling focus has been on the long ‘u’ sound made by ‘oo’ (as in spoon) and ‘ue’ (as in glue).


This week we continued learning about the join n to g and practiced using it in words.


This week, we completed our chapter on Subtraction within 10 with the learning of Fact Families. Just like how there are many ways to express relationships amongst family members (e.g. Jane is Mary's daughter. Mary is Jane's mother. Henry is Mary's father. Jane is Henry's grand-daughter.), there are many ways to express the relationship amongst 3 numbers.

We can express the relationship amongst 3 numbers with 2 addition and 2 subtraction equations.

We have also started learning more about Shapes and Patterns - identifying properties of each of the 4 basic shapes: squares, rectangles, triangles and circles, by looking at how many sides and how many corners each of them have. We have also learnt to classify and group different shapes.

Virtues Corner

This week, Grade Ones learnt about Enthusiasm.

I am showing Enthusiasm when:

*I let myself enjoy looking forward to something.

*I think of imaginative ways to get things done.

*I smile, laugh and enjoy what I do.

I am full of enthusiasm. I look on the bright side. I give 100% to whatever I do.I use my imagination. I am open to the wonders in store for me today.

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