The Chanukkah Tree

Eric A. Kimmel

The Chanukkah Tree

A peddler had a humongus tree that he traveled around with, through the town, but everywhere he went everybody had a tree in their homes. The peddler knew that the Jewish did not celebrate christmas so he had to make up a wonderful story to trick the villagers. The peddler had made his way to the village and once he made it, he took the tree off of his truck and made an announcment to the Jewish villagers. All the people in the village started to laugh at the poor man while he was talking. But the peddler had a splended idea, everybody in the village thought that he was stupid but "he said that it is not a christmas tree this is a Chanukkah Tree and all the people from the village stopped laughing there was not even a sound. The peddler said to the villagers that you can put all types of things on this tree and the villagers started to get all types of wonders that poped into their brains to decerate the villages tree, the peddler kept on going with his speach and he said that" you can make this Chanukkah Tree look better than the Chanukkah Tree in America".


The main characters in this story is the villagers. These villagers are dynamic characters. The reason why I chose this is because at the beginning of the story the villagers were laughing histerically at the peddler while he was giving his speech. But towards the middle of the story they were so excited they wanted to decerate their tree and make it look better than the Chanukkah Tree in America. But it turns out that the Chanukkah Tree is not  even in America, it does not even exist.


The story The Chanukkah Tree takes place in a village during the winter time. I think that the author chose this setting because it is good time to write a christmas story and he wanted to tell some facts about Jewish people.

Rising Event/Action

The peddler told the villagers what to put on the Chanukkah Tree. The villagers got potato skin and all those other goods to put on their tree. But the villagers forgot to put one thing on the Chanukkah Tree that the peddler told them to put on, a star. So the villagers got a huge boared with a star on it and they put it on top of tree. The Chanukkah Tree started to tilt a little.


One night when their Chanukkah Tree was all done decerating, the villagers stayed up all night until one person from America would come to see if their tree looked similar to their Chanukkah Tree in America.


When an American car came by to the village, one of the villagers stopped the car and said look at the wonderful Chaunkkah Tree. Does this tree look similar to yours in America. The American visiter told the villagers that he has " never even herd of a Chanukkah Tree before, and I am pretty sure it does not even excist in America. Then it started to snow and the people were very disapointed. The man rolled up his car window and drove off. All the people in the village started to cry and some were frustrated. Everybody went home and they turned off their light.


It was christmas morning and the villagers woke up to the sound of birds tweating and singing. The villagers were all excitied because all the birds were building their nest in the Chanukkah Tree and the birds all ate the potatoe skin that the villagers hung up onto the tree. All the villagers came outside and were filled with joy and excitment. So the villagers decided to leave that tree for the birds home and for them. I think that the author could have ended the story by letting the villagers cry and then on christmas morining they could have redeemed themselves and just talked about what happend and talk about what was their favorite part about putting the objects onto the Chanukkah Tree.


The author used emotions and how the villagers felt when they herd that there was no such thing as the Chanukkak Tree they were in shock and they felt like idiots even the children the reason why they felt like idiots was because there was no such thing as the Chanukkah Tree and they were embarrassed to stay up all night and hear that the Chanukkah Tree doesn't even excist. That is when they went inside and started to cry (ball).


The overall theme in this passage is that when the villagers were histerically laughing at the peddler and the peddler told a lie to the villagers and then they started to realize that there is no such thing as the Chanukkah Tree. It represents people in our lives today because one of your family members might want to stay in your homes just for a couple of weeks and then in return you do not let them stay at your home and when you do not have anywhere to go and you go to that same person that you refused to let them stay in your home, they will not allow you to stay. It realates to me in my world because any time I had a pencil and Rokia wanted one to borrow I would give it to her. But anytime I did not have a pencil and she did, I would ask her if I could borrow one and she would sometimes say no. I learned from this story that you have to learn how to treat others the way you want to be treated because sometimes you, you know you can really hurt that person. In the text when the peddler was getting laughed at he felt like a joke to them but when the American came to the village, the villagers felt like a joke when they herd that there was no such thing as the Chanukkah Tree.