4/11/16 - 4/15/16

Mon Apr 11, 2016

5:30pm 4th grade baseball- Scott Jeremy

7:30pm Jr. High Softball - Limes

Tue Apr 12, 2016

8am OLWEUS Team Meeting

6pm Girl Scouts - commons/Library

6pm Vollmar - 5th Baseball

Wed Apr 13, 2016

8am Breakfast Club K-2

2:45 District Leadership Team meeting

6:30pm Girl Scout Troop 10239 - commons

8pm Jr. High Softball - Limes

Thu Apr 14, 2016

5:30pm 3rd Gr. Girl Scouts

Fri Apr 15, 2016

12:20pm Recycling Pick-Up

2:30pm Post Office Delivery

6pm Jr. High Softball - Limes

Teaching Strategies

Have students solve mysteries. One-minute mysteries, simple puzzles, even riddles makes learning fun as well as involving students in active learning pursuits. An excellent resource to explore for mysteries for your students is the site http://www.mysterynet.com. Another good site for brain teasers and other short puzzles for students is http://kids.niehs.nih.gov/braint.htm.

Collaborating with Colleagues

Great teachers are earnest learners. Spend some time with a colleague, or two or three, and talk about what each of these research-based, best classroom practices looks like in the classroom. Discuss each one in the context of your unique learning environment: who your students are, what they need, what they already know, etc.

Thank Yous

Thank you Jen Fallon covering Katy Word's class.

Thank you all Test Administrator and Scribes for a smooth two first days of testing.

Thank you Kathy for organizing and maintaining a efficient testing schedule.

Thank you Specials Teachers for being flexible and switching classes.

Thank you Bill for setting up testing classrooms.

Thank you to the entire staff for assisting with testing. Everyone stepped up and helped with whatever was needed to make testing a success.


SLOs are due to your evaluator by April 15th.

Star Reading Assessment for your SLO needs to be given by April 22nd. This is an extension from the original due date.