Project Planning

Bryson Boyette

Project Goals

A project is successful when the needs of the stakeholders have been met. Identify the stakeholders and their needs. Once you have a thorough list of goals, they should be recorded in the project plan, and also include the needs and expectations of the stakeholders.

Project Deliverables

Create a list of things the project needs to deliver in order to meet the goals you have set. Add the deliverable to the project plan.

Project Schedule

Create a list of tasks that need to be carried out for each deliverable identified in Step 2. Establish the amount of effort given. Create a project schedule so you know when to meet your project deadlines by. This can be done in Microsoft Project.

Supporting Plans

You need a human resource plan, communications plan, and risk management. Human Resource plan should include the number and type of people needed to carryout the project. The Communications Plan should include who needs to be kept informed about the project and how they will receive the information. The Risk Management plan includes as many risks to your project as possible. This step is often overlooked. With these 4 steps you have finally reached your project goal.