Medical Qigong Seminar

Friday-Sun Feb 28-March 2 ........... Sedona Karate Academy

Detox and Purify Your Energy Field

Friday Free Event 5-6:30

Saturday: 2-6pm

Sunday 9-1 and 2-6pm

Medical Qigong Therapy is used to clear our energy fields, in and around the body.

This loosens up psycho-emotional patterns, and frees us to choose different actions. As our Qi moves more freely, we feel more, we see and know more about our energetic patterns. Wisdom increases. We can treat ourselves and learn to assist others.

Qi Gong Means Energy Skill

Medical Qigong uses the concentration and awareness you've cultivated in Yoga or Meditation to move Qi. Do we need to purge Qi of emotions, do we need to clear our heads? This seminar engages with the energy fields, uses the energy pathways and Qigong sounds, with concentration and movement.

Contact for Further Information:

Julie Engsberg, DMQ (928) 399-9631

Trained through the rigorous IIMQ Program, Dr. Julie Engsberg, Doctor of Medical Qigong maintains a practice here in Sedona and leads training seminars throughout the year.

Call or email to sign up. $65/session or $150/weekend