The Hunting Ground

By Zharia Fields


this film was to tell the story of the those who suffered from rapes on campus of the colleges that are really big and how there is a problem with people not doing anything to help the people that come across things like rape. The girls go around to hear other stories about those who have gone through the same thing as they have in the past hoping that something would change.

Purpose of the Film

the purpose of the film is based on different boys and girl that are going through a rough time dealing with being raped. they are trying to send a message to all the universities that they need to start coming out about what is really going on in their schools. they need to let people know that when they send their child to their school they are most likely to get sexually raped. the girls and boys also want the schools to know by also hiding it can hurt them as a university.


these girls are fighting to let everyone know about these school and how these situations seem to not be important to the people who work there to help students better their education and succeed but how are you to do that if there are people who cant do what they are suppose to do like rapping other students.
THE HUNTING GROUND - Official Trailer

Example 1

Former law student Kamilah Willingham reported that she was sexually assaulted she then told someone who she thought could help her. she then found out that the schools didn't want to help because they are trying to protect their schools reputation so she speaks out to get the word around that you shouldn't be scared to tell someone what happen and to have someone do something about it.

Example 2

Erica Kinsman was raped by a college football start. she went to tell people who have done this to her instead of her getting the help that she wanted people blamed her saying the only reason that she told people was so that she could get some of the fame that the Football player Jameis Winston when all she was trying to do is let people know this is who he is off of the field and that other girls should watch out for him. but all people did was blame her and tell her that she was lying about what really happened to her.

Example 3

Andrea Pino was one of the first girls to be rapped she wanted to help people so that it would happen to other girls. she wanted to start and organization that allowed girls to get out about what happened to them most of the girls but a lot of the girls were to afraid to speak out on what really happen because of the result that they got from the guidance office so they are afraid that people would have more to say about them then saying that they are on their side and would love to see them succeed.


Many girls suffer through this tragic time some are not able to tell what happen to them most are afraid that it would happen again. Colleges need to come out more about what's going on with their college campuses. it's because colleges not speaking out girls who have it done to them are unable to talk out about it. Colleges are covering for their athletes they don't want to hear that their star athletes are doing things such as rapping girls they don't think that someone who plays football, basketball or any high sport can be a rapist if they say yes this star was involved in doing a thing such as rape people would look at that star differently and would possibly not want that person in school or even being around their daughters and sons and more likely parents making their kids leave that school because of the likely chance it happening to them. Colleges need to come out and stop the rapes on college campuses.