Iron [Fe]

The most useful element of all! By: Mitch Suiter B2

Properties and uses of Iron

  • Physical Properties:
  1. Conductor of heat and electricity
  2. It is a malleable metal
  3. Silver/ white/ gray metal
  4. Iron is a very strong metal.
  • Chemical Properties:
  1. Forms positive ions when used in a chemical reaction
  2. Iron can be very easily combined with oxygen.
  3. Iron is reactive with hot water and steam and produces hydrogen gas when reacted
  4. Iron is a naturally occurring element.

4 uses/ compounds of Iron

  1. Iron is used in the making of tools, cars, building, etc. Due to the fact that it is very abundant, strong and cheap.
  2. Iron chloride is a common compound of iron and is used in modern equipment.
  3. Iron hydroxide compound is used in water treatment facilities.
  4. Iron is also in the human body, and is necessary for us to live.

Isotopes of Iron: There are 4 isotopes of iron

The 4 isotopes of Iron are: 54Fe, 56Fe, 57Fe, and 58Fe.

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