Sole Junkie

Steven Cedre


Steven Cedre lost both his parents at the age of 13. As a result, he ended up living in the houses of different relatives. He has lived in New York, Boston, Puerto Rico and California.


Steven went to Cal State, Long Beach and graduated with a bachelor of fine arts.

Main Influences

His main influences include:

- Graffiti

- Hip Hop

"These places age just like people... but they outlast them... the only thing left is the mark people made on them"

What does he do?

Often he makes single art pieces of influential people

He makes his own paint and sells it on his website (as well as the shoes).

He paints people and things that have influenced him on shoes because these things/people make up his IDENTITY.


For 20 years he had been painting on plain canvases. Eventually he married his love for shoes with his love for painting and since 2006, he began painting shoes. Mostly Air force 1s.

He gained his fame from posting them on MySpace.