Discovery Education Assessment(DEA)

Winter Edition: How will we use the data? 1st & 2nd Grades

Reminder: How to view results?

1. Login to:

2. Click on assessments.

3. Under INTERIM BENCHMARKS, click on view Benchmark reports.

4. All reports on shown on this screen. The PDF Individual Student is the one we print to go home.

5. Click view and select the class or student you want to view. ( I like to check box the the "Add reporting Category Descriptions" & State Scores). Click view report.

  • If you select a student, you have the option of seeing Multiple years of DEA testing.
6. When you are viewing a report, you then can SAVE or PRINT the report.

Review: Improved Student Experiences For DEA Benchmarking

Models are closer to the PARCC Assessments!

How Can We Use Data to Improve Student Learning?

What data is relevant at your grade level?
  • Create routines with data/ standards
  • Have students be part of the process

DEA results and growth

Below are the results (as of Sunday night) for ELA & Math. 1st grade results are not ready yet for Test B (2).

Note: Each teacher can view their own class drilldown reports.

Big image
Big image

Discussion and Action Questions: Please anwser on team notes or "green Sheet"

This is just one type of report, but a good start for team analysis. Please use other reports as needed.

As a team, discuss and record your answers.

  • Identify the strand(s) your grade level demonstrates the highest proficiency for ELA.
  • Identify the strand(s) your grade level demonstrates the lowest proficiency for ELA.
  • Identify the strand(s) your grade level demonstrates the highest proficiency for Math.
  • Identify the strand(s) your grade level demonstrates the lowest proficiency for Math.

  1. Is there an area in which none of us achieved the results we expected?
  2. What do we need to learn as a team to teach this skill more effectively?
  3. What goal/ action are we going to take for improving the next round of DEA testing?

How to Motivate Students?

  • Student discussions & conversations are so important now with the new standards.
  • Take time to talk to each student about the test scores. Suggestions: Have students record on a growth chart. Put students in charge of their scores and growth.
  1. ACTION TIME: How will you or your team start to motivate student reflection on their data?

Printing reports and sharing with parents

  • Ask your principal when reports need to be printed for your students.
  • The reports should go home with report cards.

Under “INTERIM BENCHMARKS” select “View Benchmark Reports”.

"PDF Individual Student” is the report we send home for both reading and math.

Select the class you want to print. Current year. Select “ Add Category Descriptions” along with “Add State Proficiency Level & Scores”.

View report.

File->print to color one sided.

Getting Started with Discovery Education Streaming

What is next?

  • Use the Streaming videos and Probes to help you teach or re-teach areas.
What's the 411- Assessment Strategies

How to Create a Practice Probe

• Select “View My Probes & Reports” from the Progress Zone menu on your Home page. • Click “Create New Probe” from the left side of your screen.
• Type a Probe Name and optional description.
• Select your Subject, Grade and Skillset from the drop down menus.

• Click the Item Difficulty checkboxes on or off for Easy, Moderate or Hard questions (at least one check box must remain on).

• Click on the checkbox next to “Include Unused Items Only” if you don’t want to reuse probe questions. • Click on the checkbox next to “Include Items Added by Me” if you want to include the questions in your

own item database.
Note: You have the ability to add your own PZ items. An item is a question. The items that you create are stored in a database separate from the Discovery Education Assessment items.

• Click the checkbox next to “Include Discovery Education Assessment” Items.
• Select the Number of Attempts the students can have for each item (this is for students taking probes on‐

• Click the “Yes” radio button next to “Remedial Content Available to Students” if you would like students

to have the option to watch a streaming video aligned to the skills being assessed after taking the probe

• Click “Next”.

• Choose the number of questions you would like to preview for each subskill and each question difficulty level by clicking the drop down menu next to “Indicate how many items to display”.

For example, if you checked the boxes to include Easy, Moderate and Hard items and are assessing one subskill, the number 3 on the drop down menu will allow you to select from 9 questions for your probe.

• Click on the Skill checkbox to measure every subskill assigned to a skill, or click on the checkbox next to each subskill you want to assess individual subskills.
Note: If you want to add your own items, you may add them by clicking on “Add New Item”. This will align your new item to the specific subskill.

• Click “Next”.
• Click on the “Use” checkbox next to each item you would like to include in your probe.
• If you have enough items to create your probe, click “Next”. If you would like to see more available items,

click “Save Selections & Get More Items”.
• Choose the order in which you would like the items to appear (Randomize, Subcategory or Difficulty). • Click “Save & Exit”. Your probe should now appear on the Probe Manager page.