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Weekly Update - September 28, 2014

Leader In Me


We are going to hold a Leader In Me ParentNight on Thursday, October 2nd from 6-7pmin the Castlio Library. We are going to introduce Leader In Me, talk about what has been done at Castlio over the past year,and offer ways for parents to sign up for virtual book study and purchase the book.

To RSVP for our Leader in Me Parent Book Study Kickoff, please click on the link below.

Week in Review

We finished up Topic 3 in Math this past week.
We met with our buddies on Thursday and built marshmallow spaghetti towers. I think they all had a lot of fun, but I am not sure our custodial staff was very happy with us. We made a very big sticky mess on the floor. It's all good in the name of science, right?
We had an early release day on Friday, which allowed us to do our Science Experiments. They too were very messy, but not quite so sticky. We are learning about Animal Adaptations, so our experiment was about how bird beaks have evolved to meet their environment.
We talked about our research project about animal adaptations and over this unit we will learn how to write a research paper. The organization to this piece will be done in their writer's composition notebook.
In reading, we started learning about how to find the main idea in a nonfiction book.

Weekly Calendar

Monday, September 29th
1:20-1:35 Summer Reading Celebration

Tuesday, September 30th
2:25pm: Keyboarding

Wednesday, October 1st
7:55 am Razzmatazz
11:15 Crider Institute to talk about Bullying

Thursday, October 2nd
6:00-7:00pm Leader In Me Parent Information Night

Friday, October 3rd

Field Day 9:30-10:30
Spelling Test

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are later this year, your child(rens) teacher(s) will contact you to schedule them. Conferences this year are Monday, November 24th from 4:30pm - 8:00pm and Tuesday, November 25th from 4:30pm - 8:00pm.

Parent/Teacher Conferences Survey

The Calendar Task Force (CTF) is currently meeting, and would like to have input regarding parent/teacher conferences. Currently, the District has conferences in both the fall and spring (two evenings in the fall/two evening in the spring), and your opinion is sought as to whether both conferences should be retained. Click hereto take the survey. Please submit your survey by Oct. 6.


EADER OF THE PACK t-shirts. If you have not yet ordered one or would like to order another, please send your order in by Friday, October 3.

Week 9

Since we will be doing quite a bit of writing online and since we are a BYOD class, I have set up a folder for each student on OneDrive where they can store documents that they have created. It is a place on the cloud where items can be stored and retrieved anywhere that you have internet access (and the software for the document). I have not taught them how to get into it yet, but thought I would share with you.
Go to
Enter the fourth grade username and password.
password: 4thGrade!
For the password, you must use the capital and lowercase letters and the exclamation point.
There will be a folder labeled Longmore, you can open it and your student will have their own folder. Next time we do a piece, like the narrative story that we worked on, we will save our documents to that drive so they are in one place.

We have also been given access to Voice Threads. I will be working on setting this up for the students and learning how to apply it to our daily reading.

Math: We will start Topic 4 this week. It is subtracting large numbers with re-grouping.
Writing: We will continue to work on our research papers, focusing on the next 2 steps in the Big 6 process.
Science: We will continue with animal adaptations.

We will continue using our devices to take quick check quizes in Math, our Daily Common Core Review in the mornings and our Spelling tests. We will also be using them for ebooks this week and our Pearson Realize games during Math groups.

In small reading groups
Purple Group: We will finish our opinion pieces about this book this week.
Orange Group: We will finish our book, and start our opinion pieces this week.
Red Group: We will finish our opinion pieces this week.
Blue Group: This group will be focusing on their opinion pieces this week. They are due on Friday. We will be starting a new book either this week or beginning of next week.
Book Club:

Monday: Reading Logs from last week
Tuesday: No homework
Wednesday: Math Practice 4-1
Thursday: Math Practice 4-2
Friday: Spelling Worksheet, Math Practice 4-3

Weekly Objectives

Reading Objective:

  • Students will read short sections of text, then stop to name the main ideas presented in nonfiction texts. Students will summarize the important information
  • Students will use the Descriptive Structure of a text to identify the main idea and supporting details. Students will summarize the important information

Science Objective:

  • Students will understand that an adaptation can be a behavior that helps a living thing survive (either by helping it obtain food, defend itself, or to survive a certain climate)
  • Students will read to find examples of specific physical and behavioral adaptations in animals

Writing Objective:

  • Students will preview a collection of texts before research, thinking about the information/ topics they expect to learn in each
  • Students will create an organizer to utilize during research and note taking. They will begin to identify the topic and subtopics they will teach through informational writing
  • Students will set up a boxes and bullets note taking form to reflect the Descriptive Structure and begin taking notes on their topic of choice
  • Students will do Big 6 Steps 1, 2,3, 4 : Task Definition, Information Seeking Strategies, Location and Access and Use of Information

Math Objectives

    • We will apply a variety of methods to add and subtract whole numbers mentally
    • We will round whole numbers to estimate sums and differences
    • We will add numbers to hundreds and thousands with and without regrouping
    • We will subtract numbers to thousands with and without regrouping


    r-controlled words: err & air

    Spelling-Test on Friday

    R-controlled words: err & air

    • when the letter "r" follows a vowel, the vowel us usually forced to change its sounds
    • these words are called the "bossy r"



    · Feature (a part or detail that stands out) Example: text features or animal features.

    · Structure (a body part an animal has to survive) Example: structures as in animals/plants, buildings and a way to organize your writing

    · Function (the particular purpose for which something is used for) Example: function of ears is to hear

    Propulsion (the act of driving something forward) Example: how an octopus swims through the ocean.

    · Mimicry (the resemblance of one living thing to another) Example: when an animal pretends to be something else for survival.

    · Instinct (the behavior an animal begins life with and that helps it meet its needs) Example: natural ability.

    · Regurgitate (bringing food up from stomach) Example: the owl regurgitated its owl pellet.

    · Basic Needs (things needed for survival) Example: food, water, air, and shelter.

    Synthesize (to combine and organize ideas to make sense) Example: using multiple sources to make sense of a discussed subject.
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