Triple C Coffee!

Chase Hickey, Cade Eddington, Courtney Bauer

Our shop sells the best coffee in town!!!

Six Business Activities

  • Describe your product or service and tell about how you developed it. Also tell how you researched the market for competition in your area.

We sell many different types of coffee drinks and some snacks at Triple C Coffee. We have hot coffees and teas, cold coffees and teas, and various bagels and soups. Our competitors are starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Grab a Java. We have been very successful throughout the whole year we have been open. Sales have been through the roof and customers alway return.

  • Where is the money coming from to start your business? (your own money, financial investors, loans)

We all saved up our own money from working at various fast food restaurants and small businesses over the past 5 years to open up a small coffee shop and borrowed $20,000 from Courtney's parents.

  • Tell about your procedures for recruiting, hiring, and training employees for your business. What training/certifications will your employees need to work at your business. So far including Cade, Chase, and I we have a total of 6 workers, they must all go through a specific training course to serve coffee at our shop and must have a high school diploma.
  • Where will you get supplies to operate your business. (office supplies, cleaning supplies, materials for production, etc)

We buy all our coffee beans from Coffee Bean Direct, Brazillian Santos. We get our cleaning supplies from Hy Vee to make sure everything is perfectly sanitary.

  • Marketing Goods & Services: How will you market your business? (phone book, newspapers, radio, magazines, Internet, television) Make sure you take into consideration the costs for these different types of advertising.

We will advertise by using our website we have created and putting add’s in various magazine articles and putting our contact information in the phone book.

  • Maintaining Business Records: How will you track orders and payments, customer information, records that you must submit to the government for taxes, etc., accounting, software used)
We will keep track of all our business purchases and employee payments through quickbook, it saves and tracks every payment made by us. We also have it track every payment made by a customer, And we keep a copy of all receipts.

Mission Statement

Need a boost In the morning? Run by Triple C’ Coffee, we guarantee fast service, with coffee that will more than satisfy your taste-buds. At Triple C Coffee we are trying to improve morning one cup at a time. We excel in our customer service to keep you coming back for more every morning!

Create a section for Business Entity

Tell what type of business entity you are choosing for your business and why. (Sole Proprietorship/Partnership/Corporation) Tell some of the advantages and disadvantages for using that business entity. You must give at least 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages!

Partnership, the advantages are that we will be able to all work together and we will all be able to separate the business evenly. Disadvantages are if we aren't able to make payments we could lose the business and we may not always be able to show up to work.

Business Goals

  1. Make Profit
  2. Listen to customers
  3. Simplify day-to-day activities
  4. Build customer relationships
  5. Collaborate with team and brainstorm ideas