Kelly Simpson's Team Recognition

Team Simpson's Secrets to Success

We Sponsored 23 New Arbonne Consultants Last Month TOGETHER WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!


Our amazingly talented and passionate TOSHIA HYLTON, with a "why" the size of Texas, has promoted to District Manager. Congratulations Tosh!

The SECRET TO SUCCESS this month is to take that incredible team you've built on this journey with you by teaching them to do exactly what you have done. Teach the to go District as soon as possible by booking their calendar, sharing what they love about Arbonne with as many people as possible, and plug in to the incredible resources available to consultants.

Tosh also won the Team Challenge this month for crossing the finish line and promoting to District Manager. Tosh received the "GTC on Me" bonus. Her GTC registration was paid by her upline.


Christine Enderby is in Qualification for District Manager

Congratulations Christine Enderby, and to your team for setting you up to go District in November. You are firmly in qualification, and together with the help of your upline and downline let's get you promoted this month.

The SECRET TO SUCCESS for you this month will be to get your team to the Nation meeting, share this opportunity with as many people as you can, teach and train your downline to get into qualification and go District as soon as possible by booking parties and using the "5 at $150, 5 at $250, plus you" system.

Rachel Henry is in Qualification for District Manager

Our phenomenal Gen Y leader at Wake Forest University in North Carolina is on fire. Rachel Henry has shared her passion for Arbonne products with her Chi Omega sisters, and members of the cheerleading squad, as well as fellow members of the Demon Deacons' Golf Team. Rachel is miles away from the rest of the team, but stays plugged in by utilizing social media, other forms of technology, and by reaching out to upline for support. She is going District this month.

The SECRETS TO SUCCESS for Rachel this month are to teach her downline to share their passion and build a team below them, signing up preferred clients with a minimum order of $150 (so that they receive their free $50 gift), and consultants with a minimum order of $250 each (so that they receive their $100 free gift) and so they become a "product of the product" allowing them to speak about Arbonne from experience. Let's do this Rachael ... So proud of you!


We are so thrilled to welcome Mo McElroy who is an amazingly talented writer, leadership coach and consultant, travel & tourism expert, and now one of the newest Arbonne superstars on our team. Mo has been a client for years, and just this month decided to take the leap after a dream workshop revealed that Arbonne is the vehicle for a more balanced lifestyle, and abundance. Mo is a graduate of our 30 Days to Healthy Living, and is living the Arbonne lifestyle and enjoying health and beauty from the inside out.

The SECRETS TO SUCCESS for Mo this month are to go District as soon as possible by sharing what she loves about Arbonne's pure, safe and beneficial promise, building a team of consultants and coaching them to do exactly what she is doing. Welcome Mo! I am so thrilled to have you on this team and to be able to share this amazing Journey with you.


Team Dauntless, led by Darcy Sharp is seeing some renewed momentum with the awesome determination of downline consultants Christine Enderby Sharp, and Nichol Lobato Banks. Darcy is renewed and ready to go full out to earn her District Bonus, and go into Area Qual this month. She is also registered to earn the 2015 AIT Cruise, so all hands on deck...let's make sure Darcy reaches her goal. As a member of a team we all help each other and ourselves by setting goals and doing everything it takes to reach them.

The SECRETS TO SUCCESS for Darcy this month are to reach all the way down as far as her downline goes and inspire her team to plug in by attending Nation meetings, kicking off team challenges, holding training conferences for those who are serious about building their business, and staying focused. Good luck Darcy. We are ALL rooting for you!!

Nichol Lobato Banks

One of the beautiful things about building an Arbonne business is that you get to work with your best friend if you want to. Christine Enderby Sharp and Nichol are building their business side-by-side and enjoying the journey together.

Nichol's SECRET TO SUCCESS this month is to plug in. When you surround yourself with people who are successful at doing what you want to do, you learn and you gain inspiration. Also, we challenge you to let everyone around you know what you are doing, why you are doing Arbonne, and speak confidently about this Amazing opportunity. Building your belief and sharing your passion will lead you to the next level in Arbonne. Share you Arbonne biz and your passion on your social media outlets to reach the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time. We are thrilled to have you on the team Nichol. Let's get you into qualification and at least half way to District this month.

Karen Pierson

Welcome to the Team Karen! So glad you put your faith in Tosh and joined her thriving business. When you are ready to build a business just do exactly what Tosh has done! We will mentor you, support you, teach and train you. As a consultant you already have access to all of tools you need to build a thriving business. Share what you love and love what you share!

The SECRET TO SUCCESS for you this month will be to launch your business, and plug in with other Arbonne leaders. Tosh can share with you her secrets to plugging in and teach and train you on where to find current information and tips on best practices.

J Okamoto

We love you J! So happy you've taken a leap of faith and joined us. The Arbonne journey is best when we share it with those we love, and your dear friend Tosh Hylton, loves you BIG!!! Let's launch a business that you can do on your own time, from wherever you are, and which has NO ceiling on income. You believe in the products, you believe in yourself, and you have my word you can absolutely, positively believe in Arbonne the company. Surround yourself with business partners you can count on ~ your best friends!

The SECRETS TO SUCCESS for you are to engage. Reach out through social media and word of mouth and let others know what you are doing, and share your "Why." Let's launch your business, and build it big for you and Darren! Welcome J!!!