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FM9 Student Led News Source December 14 2016

Time to Rally the Jaguar Nation

Your Jaguar football team needs your help! Two of our very own Flower Mound Jaguars are up for awards! The winners are selected by voting, so we encourage everyone to spread the word and vote!

WFAA Defensive Player of the Year

Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Super Team

Let’s stuff the ballot box with votes ... GO JAGS!!!

Lovepacs Supports Local Families

Help local families in need this holiday season. Lovepacs is sponsoring a donation drive for food items - please make sure that all canned food donated are the easy open pop top cans. Check out the list of specific items posted here and bring your donations to Ms. Killough’s room (9118) all week. Donations will be collected through December 16. Make a difference to Flower Mound families in need.

For more information, be sure to check out the website at

8 Journalism Stories That are Worth Going Back to Read

1.How to Survive Freshmen Year(September 6)

This was a great story for upcoming freshmen. It really gives a lot of helpful tips for the new coming freshmen. This is a great story to check out when you are starting to get unorganized or need some tips. They also do a good job on explaining their story. You should go check it out.

2.How to deal with stress(September 13)

Stress is a big thing in school. Everyone gets stressed. This story will help you and give you many tip on dealing with that stress. We all get it and it is helpful to get some tips dealing with it. We really suggest going back to read this article.

3.History of FMHS(September 30)

Welove this story! It is a very interesting story. There is so much we didn't know about the history of this school. So much has happened. This is a really creative story to go and check out.

4.Thanksgiving traditions video(November 7)

This video is so funny. Cale and Logan did a great job editing this video. It is an amazing video. Knowing what other people do on their thanksgiving traditions we pretty cool. We can tell they worked hard on the video and think that you should go check it out.

5.Favorite things about fall(November 18)

This was a really good video. Not just because we helped with the making of it but because a lot of hard work was put into this video. It is a really magnificent video with amazing views of the school from the drone. You can tell very much time and work was put into this video. The interviews were very clean, the quality was awesome, everything is just so great. You really should go back and check this video out.

6.Presents to get for your parents(December 2)

This was a great story for Christmas. Every student in this school usually has no idea what to get for their mom and dad. We have no idea what they want. We have already used many of these ideas. You need to check this story out.

7.Top movies of 2016(December 8)

We like this story a lot. It is a great story because we didn't really watch a lot of movies this year and now we know what movies are worth watching. It is an amazing recap of this year. You should check it out.

8.The Twelve Pains of Christmas(December 12)

This is a really creative story. Out of all of the story's we have never seen a song. The lyrics are great for getting into the Christmas spirit. We like the song overall, it has many rhymes. You need to go back and read this story.

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