Workshop For Girls - Project Runway

"You're too skinny, you're too curvy...don't wear that!"

LFMS Guidance Team - May Workshop

Girls, Inc presents....

Girls, Inc. the oldest girls-centered organization in the U.S. will be providing girls 6-8th grade with a workshop and speaker. Girls are constantly bombarded with mixed messages about their appearance. Using the power of STEM, attendees will create their own definition of beauty and learn to rock the runway in their own way. This workshop will focus on media literacy and learning about the hidden messages in media advertisements as they relate to beauty standards for women and how to break these standards and embrace their own inner/outer beauty. The workshop will include a project using circuit scribe pens, and LED lights that reinforces the idea of embracing one's beauty for those attending.

Project Runway

Wednesday, May 11th, 8:30-9:30am

Las Flores Middle School - Counselling Center J208

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