Welcome to 4th Grade

Ms. Kues' Class (W9)

Back to School Letter

August 14, 2013

Dear Parents or Guardians,

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! I hope everyone has had a great summer. I am very excited about this upcoming school year and cannot wait to get to know you and your child. I feel communication is the key to the success of your child. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 282-4620 ext. 241 or email me at amanda.kues@boone.kyschools.us.

Behavior Policy

Students will move their clip when there is a behavior issue. A student could move their clip for talking excessively, not having homework completed, being disrespectful, not listening and following directions, etc. If a student moves their clip once (yellow) he/she will receive a warning. If a student moves their clip twice, he/she will lose 5 minutes of recess. If a student moves their clip 3 times, he/she will lose all of recess. If a student moves their clip 4 times in one day, he/she will receive detention. I will report ongoing issues to you in student planners.

Throughout the month, students will earn points daily for good behavior. For example, each day a student doesn’t move their clip they will receive 5 points, move their clip once and they earn 4 points and so on. Students who earn 80% of the points possible each month will receive a reward at the end of the month.


The students will be in my class for language arts and social studies instruction and will spend part of the day with Mr. Sherlock for math and science. This allows us to focus more on one small area and also get to know more students. We have worked together all last year and this summer to be on the same page with our rules and expectations of your children.


All homework assignments will be written on the board daily. Students are to copy their assignments into their agendas. They are also responsible for any unfinished work throughout the day. Students are also responsible for getting you to initial their planners and reading logs each night. I check their homework and your initials every morning. If you need to write to me or have information for me, simply place it in their homework folder. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If homework is not completed and planners are not signed, I will ask that your child complete their work during recess time, as homework is their responsibility. If your child is absent on the day that homework is assigned, they will receive the assignment when they return and I will let them know what day the homework is due. Please help your child to stay organized by helping them chose a safe place to put their homework as it is completed.


The students will start receiving grades this year. The students will also be able to make the Honor Roll. The Honor Roll is for students who have A and B grades on their report card. I have listed the grade scale below

A- 94-100%

B- 87-93%

C- 78-86%

D- 70-77%

F 69% and below

Work to be graded:

Below will be the assignments for each subject area.

Language Arts

Book Clubs, Reading Logs (both in class and homework), class work, spelling packets, grammar worksheets, book projects and writing pieces.


Timed addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tests, 3 minute multiplication tests every week after Christmas, unit tests, math minutes, worksheets, daily math boxes, HW and participation.


Worksheets, science packets, unit tests, flashbacks, participation and vocabulary definitions.

Social Studies

Class work, comprehension pages, and KY work.

AR (Accelerated Reader):

A motivational bulletin board encourages the children to get around the board as they obtain AR points. Every 10 points earned will get the child the prize marked for that point level. Students are expected to get 200 points for the year. Students who reach 200 points or more get lunch with Mr. Loring. Most books read earn students a ½ a point. Small chapter books are usually 1 point and larger chapter books range in point value based on level. The students will also be taking AR tests on read aloud stories and basal reader stories. I know this may seem like a difficult amount for children to reach; but I see children achieve it every year and I know this year will be no different. Last year 19 of the 27 children from my class alone had over 200 points and had lunch with Mr. Loring. Fourth grade also has AR celebrations where the student has so many days to earn a set amount of points to earn prizes and attend the party.

I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation. We share a common goal in helping your child have a successful school year. Please feel free to contact me via your child’s assignment book, e-mail, or phone at any time if you have concerns or questions throughout the school year.