Friday Focus

JSE Staff December 12, 2014

"Love Your People"

A delightful time was had by all on Thursday evening! Thank you Chris for hosting!

We get one more week with our kiddos in 2014! Focus even more on the " I will learn..." statements to address the lesson objectives and engage your students in productive learning.

This last week will be a roller coaster of different emotions for our students as they think about Christmas and winter break. We are mindful, realizing that for some of our students winter break is an uncertain time and the change in schedule is difficult. These emotions often surface in behavior. Thank you for all you do in your classrooms to work through behavior concerns and situations. Your relationship with each of them is paramount.

All week long the smiles and uplifting spirits will be contagious! The choir can't wait to lead all of us in a holiday sing-a-long on Friday from 9:45 to 10:25 in the gym. Thank you Mrs. Alonzo for organizing this special experience for us. We end the day with classroom parties and winter break officially begins at 3:20, as our marquee says!

Next week, K-2 meets in the flag room on Monday and I need you to send me another name of your successful learner for December: Maintain Focus. I will have breakfast with them on Thursday.

Have a great weekend or start to the week depending on when you read this:) Make sure to read below...


My "I appreciate all you do!" gift. What would we always "love" to have...I'm showing my "love for my people!"

MORE TIME: This week I have posted a sign-up list for me to give you the "gift of time". I would like to visit each of your classrooms to read and do a short activity. You will have a half hour to spend as you wish!

LUNCH: And don't pack your lunch on Thursday! I've got it covered. I hope everyone likes a good hearty chili with all the fixings, salad, and garlic bread.

Professional Development Follow-Up

I was reminded again at how little you can accomplish in 30 minutes before our busy day begins:) We will follow-up after break. If you read through the entire agenda, I would like to focus on classroom goal setting when we return from break. Research surrounding goal setting shows that it supports student learning and character. I think this is another way we can build grit and stamina in our students. I would like to see visual representation and hear dialogue in each classroom surrounding goals. I want our students to be aware of what their classroom goal(s) is and how they are working to support each other in achieving those goals. Thank you 3-5 and K-2 for working together and sharing information with each other to address the new question types and technology items our students will experience!

Important Reminders:

  • Don't pack a lunch on Thursday!
  • Sing-a-long in the gym Friday 9:45-10:25.
  • Send me your December Successful Learner.
  • Please reinforce our Monthly Characteristics.
  • Please turn in 100% effort work to me periodically.
  • Reinforce the characteristics of maintain focus and giving.