Happy Summer Stylin' Y'All!

June 21, 2019

We made it to the 1st day of SUMMER!

My favorite time of year for sure! And of course with summer comes a very different way to work our businesses: on the go, 1:1 styling on the beach or by the pool, sharing a cart through MIMI with friends across the country, popping up in back yards with lemonade or margs, or even in stores & offices.

My bills unfortunately don't take a holiday so I'm GRATEFUL that my biz works around my life, at my pace, and my way. S&D goes wherever we go and is there to help us make money whenever we want.

On that note, I'm heading off on a road trip with my crew for a family reunion. Considering this is before we've even left our driveway, not sure how its going to go....keep your fingers crossed for me!

Well, one still refused but the other two reluctantly agreed to be photographed....Day 1 of the GRISWOLD FAMILY ROADTRIP!

How will I work my biz around my family vacation?

1) Schedule work hours

I'm finding times throughout my week when I know I can focus on working the HVACs (high value activities) so I can then put work down and enjoy our getaway making memories.

Working literally on the road is a great time to bang out prospecting messages to book shows, share the fun of a styling side gig, and offering personal styling ideas for my customers with MIMI Carts.

2) Prepping & scheduling my Dot Dollar Redemption Customer outreach

I've printed out my Dot Dollar Earner list so that I can make up a template and schedule personalized emails for each of my earners with their codes. I will also make up a personalized bag link with items I either know they love b/c I wrote down their wishlists, or with pieces I think they'd rock!


Plan ahead to finish June STRONG and/or kick of July with an EXPLOSION! By writing the messages during my schedules work hours, I can then simply hit send when I'm ready to strategically work the orders.

Log into the lounge & Click this link for the HO's suggestion action plan: https://more.stelladot.com/your-dot-dollars-prep-action-plan/

3) Increase sales with HO offers

Who loves the BEACH? Let's work the Gift-with-Purchase deal the HO is throwing our way!

Who's a beach girl?

Who's birthday is coming up?

Who's going on vacation?

Who needs her day brightened?

Who's trying to finish a look on a budget?

Love this great Chase Coral Pendant gift with a purchase of $100+ from 6/25-7/5

4) Reach out for fun summer pop ups!

Summer is actually one of my favorite times to enjoy pop ups b/c of the casual atmosphere and last min. yeses with the skeleton crew who is around home/office, OR at destination locations (ie on the beach, boat, or vendor).

Working the themes around what the potential hostess may enjoy makes it fun:

Jewels by the Pool

Mimosas & Muffins

Sangria & Style

Beach bags, baubles & bubbles

Summer Style in the Workplace

Here are a few more...

Big picture

5) Master MIMI for sales & growing my team

Have you REALLY dug into all that MIMI can do for you yet? I'm working it but am for sure still learning all the cool ways we can share our stylist side gig and great sales opportunities with it.

How AMAZING is it that we can be sitting on the beach or anywhere and can share the good from our phones?

Log into the lounge and check out these cool updates: https://more.stelladot.com/2019/06/06/mimi-enhancements/

Big picture

6) Stay consistent

Little bits of effort each day in one form or another will keep our business going so that you have a fun, productive S&D summer which will then set you up for an uber strong fall.

Soak in the downtime, fill up your cup & sprinkle in your #SDJOY along the way.



Founding Star Director