SAGE--Dinner on the Patio

There is an OCT SAGE play date at Central Market (playground/patio) in Southlake on Monday, Oct. 9th from 5pm-7pm. Come meet other OCT families!

Upcoming Dates & Events

Oct. 12th-.......District Meeting - GT LEAD Classes Reschedued

Nov. 16th .......Kindergarten Parent Information Night for new Applicants

6:00-7:00pm PDEC Bldg. Panther Den

Nov. 17-Dec. 8...... Nominations for Kindergarten

Dec. 12th .......5th to Middle School Parent Information Night for current LEAD students

6:00-7:00 PDEC Bldg. Panther Den

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5th Grade - Change

Focus: forced connections and associations, mind mapping strategy, personal strength assessment, goal setting, personal identity

This year in fifth grade LEAD we will connect our learning to the theme of "Change".

We began the year analyzing our own identity as each student completed a personal strength assessment. We discussed that our identity changes as we experience new things, and that we must commit to being life-long learners.

Students also completed mind-maps of their strengths and future goals. Below, students are taking a Gallery Walk and evaluating them based on criteria.

Lastly, 5th Graders brainstormed the traits of GCISD's Portrait of a Graduate, and then they each focused on one of these traits and wrote fall goals.

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4th Grade-Explorations

Focus: developing a growth mindset, personal strength assessment, goal setting, oxymorons, analogies, using technology to create and share information and analyze, evaluate and create a 3-D model of 5 top personal strengths

Fourth grade LEADers began exploring their personal identity as they completed a strength assessment online. Ask your child to share their top five traits that contribute to their identity and about their goals for the year. Students then learned about oxymorons and selected their favorite mistake in order to analyze the lessons learned while reflecting on how this experience helped them grow. Like 5th Grade, they brainstormed GCISD's Portrait of a Graduate traits and created goals for this fall.

Having learned about the identity, symbols, and lure of Texas in the 4th grade social studies curriculum, we began to expand our knowledge of symbolism while studying the Statue of Liberty. They were surprised to learned of the hidden symbols within this monument and the significance meaning behind each of the details. Next week, students will be building a 3-D monument of themselves and using metaphoric symbols to represent their top 5-7 strengths from their personal assessment to express in their design. This project will focus on "Identity" as the students learn to analyze their interests, strengths and learning skills. We will review good presentation skills and students will be sharing their projects with the class.

3rd Grade - Power

Third Graders have been working on deductive reasoning using algebraic thinking. They also brainstormed two of the traits of a Portrait of a Graduate, Effective Communicator and Collaborative Worker. Based on their brainstorming, they wrote individual fall goals.

Next week, Focus: Personal Strength Assessment, the power in leadership, tolerance for ambiguity (looking at something in a different way across disciplines), effective leadership qualities

"Power" is the word of the year in third grade as the students began looking how effective leaders use this power to effect change. We began our journey by looking at our interpersonal skills. Each student completed a personal strength assessment and received a summary that was used to set learning goals for this year. Ask your child to share with you their top five strengths!

Next week, we will start our new project on "Effective Leaders" as students begin to grapple with these questions:

* What makes someone an exceptional leader?

*How does power influence leaders?

* How have leaders changed over time?

We will researching leaders and begin analyzing the qualities that make them good leaders. Over the next few weeks they will begin gathering evidence, creating a presentation and preparing for a class debate where they will argue their case as to who is the ultimate leader! Each research team will also be challenged to choose an express of art to represent and share something about their leader as we begin to infuse the arts into GT LEAD! Looking forward to developing good research and debating skills with this talented group as they become self-regulated learners!

2nd Grade - Systems

Focus: Flexible thinking, fluency to generate many ideas, creating original products, analyzing "systems", effective presentation skills, using technology to present information

Second Graders have been working on deductive reasoning using algebraic thinking. They have also brainstormed two of the traits of a Portrait of a Graduate, Effective Communicator and Collaborative Worker. Based on their brainstorming, they wrote individual fall goals.

They also finished recording their Doceris on systems. These are located in their LEAD folders, and they can share them with you at any time.

They have also been working on Dissimilar Elements. They have been brainstorming multiple meanings and play on words for words like hand, rock , pop, stand, and ring. They are currently working on using these in their short story.

1st Grade - Contributions

Focus: Using metaphoric & symbolic images to represent information, technology to find, design and present information, understanding giftedness, interpersonal skills, looking at something with multiple perspectives, technology literacy, and social & emotional needs of gifted learners.

First Graders have been focusing on deductive reasoning with XVO. They have been practicing process of elimination. They have also been working on creativity by focusing on point of view in artwork. They have been practicing looking for originality, as well as creating art of their own.


The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is a nonprofit organization that has served over 2.8 million academically talented students in grades four through twelve since 1980. Each year, Duke TIP enrolls nearly one hundred thousand new students in its talent searches. TIP's talent searches help these gifted students assess the extent of their abilities with above-level testing, recognize them for their achievements, and provide them with a variety of enrichment benefits. TIP also offers accelerated face-to-face and online educational programs to more than eight thousand students each year. In addition, TIP is constantly conducting research into the educational, emotional, and social factors impacting the lives of gifted children, then sharing this research and related advice with educators, parents, and the greater gifted community.


SAGE: Supporting & Advocating for Gifted Education (GCISD parent group)

NAGC: National Association for Gifted Children

TAGT: Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented


SENG: Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

TED: Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world

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