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January 2014 Stats

Our Team Updates

Congrats to Laurie Cundiff for top in team sales!!! Woohoo Laurie!!!

Welcome Jennifer Kirsch and Nicole Sparks to our team! Welcome Ladies, you both have joined at a great time!

Congratulations to Liz Toner for promoting to Sr. Consultant!!!! Woohoo Liz! Next Stop Director!!!!

January Team Sales: $9,220.50

Total Team Parties: 13

New Team Members: 2

Conference Facebook Party: Save the Date

Thursday, February 27th at 9pm.

I will create an event and share it with you on our team Facebook Page.

*If you are not on Facebook, I really encourage you to join just to get on our team page.

I do share images and other items on there, that I cannot possible e-mail out everytime I come across these images.

Below is the link to our team page, once you do join.

April C&C: Summer Product Premier

April 3-6 is our Summer Product Premier. This will be help at a local C&C meeting.

If you are local and would like to attend mine, I am scheduled for Sunday, April 6th at 1pm.



To Register:

Log into (TOT)

Click on Events Tab

Choose Celebrate & Connect

Click on Attend a Meeting

*Please note, you must attend the entire meeting to receive your amenity. If you have a scheduling conflict, with your preferred meeting, you will need to choose a different meeting.

April Customer Special

The All-Pro Tote was the January Amenity at the Celebrate & Connect Meetings.

It is part of the April Customer Special.

Spend $35 and you can get either the the All Pro Tote or Pro Duffle for just $25!!!

Opportunity to Join Incentive!

Dream Building at it's best! New team members can join for $99, get the bonus hostess exclusive. When they sell $1,000 in their first 30 days, they get their $99 back, $250 commission check and Level 1 Start Swell!!


Kelly's Stats

$2,094-Volume for January

3--Number of Parties Held

$782--Highest Party Volume

2-Number of New Direct Recruits

Paycheck for December--

As a Consultant--$523.50

As a Director--$800.12

February Bundles using the Special.