Literature Walk Two Moons

By: Lucas Briar

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Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two Moons is about a thirteen year old girl named Sal who goes on a road trip across country with her grandparents to find her mother. During the road trip, Sal tells her grandparents Phoebe's story.

Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech uses Mr. Birkway's english lessons to relate to Sal's life.

English Lesson 1

One of the English lessons that Mr. Birkway, Sal's teacher, taught was, "the little horse is newlY" by e.e. cummings. In the poem, Sal reacts to a line. "this world lies; smoothbeautifuLly folded." (e.e. cummings). Sal reacts to this line by relating to her life. She relates by saying this. "He lives in a 'smooth beautifully folded' world. I like that." (Creech 123). Sal likes it because her world is not smooth beautifully folded. Sal's world was until her mother had left her. That line in the poem made Sal relate to her life.

English Lesson 2

Sal related to the Greek myth, "Pandora's Box." She reacted to the end of the myth. "Pandora tried to close the lid when she saw all the horrible things that were coming out of it, but she could not get it closed, that is why there are all the evil things in the world. There was only one good thing in the box." (Creech 174). That one good thing was hope, and she applied it to her life. "There must have been another box with all the good things in it, like sunshine and love and trees and all. Who had the fortune to open that one, and was there a bad thing down there in the bottom of the good box?" (Creech 175). Right after Sal said that, she related to it. She said that everyone had been happy until the baby died. Just like the good box, everything good but one bad. Sharon Creech had used this Greek myth to relate to Sal's life.