Wind Energy

Kian Venrick, John Jackson, Kyle Cones

How is wind formed?

Warm air expands and rises up while cold air condenses and sinks, hence resulting the flow of air and forms wind.

Is wind nonrewable or renewable?

Wind is renewable because it never runs out and can use it over and over again.

How is wind used?

Wind can be converted into electricity by wind turbines to power homes.

What are advantages of using wind energy?

1. Clean fuel source/ doesn't pollute.

2. Doesn't use fossil fuels.

3. Wind energy is renewable.

What are disadvantages of using wind energy?

1.very expensive

2.inconsistant wind speed

3.has an impact on local wildlife

4.difficult to maintain and install

5.lots of loud noise

Where is wind energy most abundant?

1. United States

2. India

Is there any harmful effects to the earth during the process of collecting or harnessing this energy source?

-lots of loud noises

-impact to local wild life

-destroys habitats

-birds fly into the propellers


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Birds flying into wind propellers.
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