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The breaking down of rocks.

Physical Weathering

Changing of the rock with out changing the chemical composition
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Chemical Weathering

The breaking down of rocks through a chemical reaction.
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Biological Weathering

The breaking down of rocks through living organisms
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The movement of broken down rocks.


Deposition is when soil, sediments, or rocks are added to a landform.

Soil Composition

Soil Composition is a important part of nutrient management.
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How is soil useful?

Soil is used to:

  • Grow plants
  • Allow gases to exchange
  • Provide a home for some organisms
  • Cleans water
  • Recycles nutrients

Why is soil important to North Carolina?

Soil is important to North Carolina because we do a lot of farming. Soil is used to grow plants and crops.

Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation is when you don't grow the same crop in the same place every year to keep the soil fertile.
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