Team 8-2 News

Mrs. Allen, Mrs. McKinney, Mr. Salser, Ms. Waxman

General News! Week of September 19th- 23rd

Happy Monday!

Just a few quick reminders this week. Last Wednesday, Progress Reports were sent home with your children. If you have not yet seen this, please ask them about it. Also if the envelope has not yet been signed and returned, we would appreciate getting them back ASAP, so we can have them ready for report cards for this first quarter.

This Thursday is our Chick-Fil-A Night is from 5-8 pm.If you turn in your receipt, 10% of your bill will be donated to the school,and even better, YOU DON"T HAVE TO COOK! Hope to see you there!

Camp is every Thursday afternoon, from 2:30-3:30. We have a few students who have not returned their invitations yet, or did not stay last week. Since we are limited on the number of students that we can invite, it is important that those who have been invited be there every week, and if you child is not able to participate, you let us know, so that we may invite someone else. Thanks!

Zero Period every Tuesday and Thursday morning, from 6:45-7:15 am.

Reminder: If your student needs to take advantage of some extra hep in the morning, has a missing assignment, or just needs a quiet place to read or use the internet, remind them to get their planner signed the day before, and come on down!

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Sept. 22nd- Chik-fil-A night- (Thursday, 5-8 pm) Turn in you receipts, and 10% will be donated to our school.

Sept. 29th- SMMS Spirit Day... Show your school pride. Wear your bobcat spirit wear (red, white, and blue)

Oct. 5th- End of 1st Quarter

Language Arts- Ms. Waxman

In language arts:

This week we continue The Outsiders, and begin to try our hand at annotating while we read. A quick check quiz over chapters 7-8 will be taken either Tues., or Wed., depending on where we are in the novel.I have added an online version of the novel to our Google Classroom, so that students may have access to the book from home. Some work may not able to completed in class, and require them to use this resource.

Our personal narrative rough drafts should be completed, and this week we will begin the revision process. We will pay particular attention to a great hook, the use of vivid verbs, transition words, sentence structure and fluency. We will also be working on Bio-Poems individually, and based on one of the novel's characters. Students will compare and contrast themselves with one of the characters.

Thanks to all of you who have returned the TweenTribune green sheets with a parent signature. If you have not seen this yet, please ask you child about This task has been added to your student's nightly weekly homework, and I have already posted grades for the first week. This grade is easy to receive full credit for, and is wonderful reading practice for your student. There is a hyper-link attached to this grade that will tell you the number of quizzes they took, and the overall comprehension average on those quizzes. The objective is to keep the number of quizzes low, and the comprehension score high. If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask.

Remember, daily homework should be 20-30 minutes of reading time each day. The next Independent (Choice) Reading book is due by Sept. 30th.

Thanks for all you do at home! Make it a wonderful week to remember!

Social Studies- Mr. Salser

This week we will get into the American Revolution. We will focus on the events leading to Revolution from the Georgia perspective and how it related to the colonial view. We will discuss the role of the Sons of Liberty in Massachusetts and in Georgia and look at the Loyalist movement in the thirteen colonies.

Math- Mrs. McKinney

Rotations and a Formative Assessment Lesson are the goals for the week. Monday – Wednesday we will be learning about rotations and how they work on the coordinate plane. Thursday and Friday we will be completing a partner activity on transformations. Students will have homework Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Science- Mrs. Allen

This week in Science, we will be looking more at how atoms interact with other atoms. I will be out for training on Tuesday and Wednesday. When I get back, we will be working on a project actually putting the scientific method to use! Can’t wait to see all my kiddos again! Let’s have another awesome science-filled week! J