Major Events o' Jacksons Presidency

By Joshua Devonish

Andrew kills the bank!!

Jackson did not like the idea of national bank. He liked trading more so he shot down the bank. Everyone thought that it would be good, but it would effect the economy real bad. So Jackson vetoed it so it would be no more.

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The Indian Removal Act

This is where Jackson tries to swap or exchange land with the Indians. He is giving the Indians worst land in for the Indians great land. The only reason he wanted the land because of the gold and the land was HUGE! He also just wanted to move them out of Georgia.

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All 3 Major Events

Getting on the 3rd part

Trail of Tears

In 1838, as part of Andrew Jackson Removal Act, the Indians were forced to give up its land in Georgia for worst land in Oklahoma. The Indians called this the Trail of Tears because its devastating effects it had on them. It was so hard on them because they have owned that land for thousands of years. A lot of the Cherokee Indians died because of the weather and food.

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As a Cherokee Indian I am really not a fan of Andrew Jackson because he is really mean. He doesn't care about anyone but himself and all of the other people in Georgia. Andrew Jackson went out of his way just to get us out of Georgia. He signed the Removal Act and a lot of us died on the way on the Trail of Tears. Then we had to live in worst land then our good land we lived over 1,000 YEARS!!!!

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