AIESEC Global Talent Program

Internship Program

AIESEC In Malaysia, University Putra Malysia

What is AIESEC ?

AIESEC is the global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. AIESEC has been facilitating youth mobility in order to develop entrepreneurial professionals while leveraging companies global competitiveness through international talent.

Why is AIESEC?

  1. Engaging companies with global talent since 1948.

  2. AIESEC Globally

    +86 000 Members

    24000 Universities

    124 Countries and Territories
    +20 000 exchanges

  3. AIESEC in Malaysia

    +1000 Members

    46 years

    Located in 6 cities

    +700 exchanges

AIESEC Global Talent Program


  • Since 1948, AIESEC has been connecting organisations and students. Over 1 million AIESEC alumni are now having careers in organisations around the world - careers that had their start with AIESEC.

  • Present in over 124 countries and territories and with over 100,000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest student run organization. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC partner with thousands of companies and organizations and serves as a bridge between organizations and globally minded students from all over the world.


With AIESEC's Global Internship Programme, your organisation has access to the world's largest network entrepreneurial and responsible student leaders. By partnering with AIESEC, your organisation can co-design specific skill recruitment and profile that can bridge your organisations talent gaps.


  1. Diverse pool of young professional
  2. Customized selection
  3. Reduced allocation expenses
  4. Migration assessment


For Visa purposes AIESEC recommends the best type of visa and connects the company with an specialized agent.

Our Diverse Pool

Our pool of young talents counts with more than 20,000 people which speaks English plus either Spanish, Mandarin, French or Arabic as mainly languages. Our main backgrounds are Business Administration, Marketing and IT.

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Customized Selection

  • AIESEC reviews company’s talent needs to assess the best way of adapting our recruitment.

  • In addition, our selection of talent is focused on evaluating 5 essential leadership skills in each participant, besides their academic background and work experience.
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Reduced Allocation Expenses

  • Our participants are looking to invest in an international experience, reason why they cover their own travel costs and accommodation.

  • AIESEC takes charge of cultural integration.


AIESEC has partnership with MDeC in different initiatives to improve ICT sector competitiveness, one of them is promoting Global Talent Program within MSC companies.

Other talent takers
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  • 1st Installment paid before starting the recruitment.

  • 2nd Installment paid after exchange participant arrival.

** The minimum monthly wage has been established to ensure the quality of life of our exchange participants

*** AIESEC Fee does not include visa processing.

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This timeline is referential*

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VISA Processing FEES

  • For non MSCs companies AIESEC will provide the connection with a specialized agent for visa processing. Agent fees per pax are as shown below:
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  • Companies are expected to pay the processing FEE while the talent is expected to pay the stamping fee.

Minimum Requirements

Type of Company:
  • Limited Liability Companies (Sdn Bhd)
  • Associations
For ESD Registration:
  • Minimum Paid Up Capital:
  1. Locally Owned: RM 250,000
  2. Mixed: RM 250,000
  3. Fully Foreign: RM 500,000

  • Updated Financial Information

For PVP Internship Type:

  • No registration in ESD needed.
  • Minimum Paid Up Capital: RM 100,000

Ready to assess your talent requirement with us?


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