The Unbelievable Story of a Brave Young Hero

By: Libby Woods


John Smith laid flat across the boulder, the Powhatan Indians clubs raised high ready to kill. That would have been the end if weren't for a little Indian girl named Pocahontas. This girl, raised in the rough and wild wilderness took her lifestyle and ways, and taking the Powhatan Indians by suprise she taught and gave them to John Smith. Pocahontas is mainly known for saving John Smith, but it is disputable whether she did or not, even though more evidence has been found that she did then didn't. She soon moved to England with her husband John Rolfe, but eventually came back. Some parts of Pocahontas's life are still argued about by some historians but what is known for sure is worth learning about.

Her Tribes Lifestyle

A Different Life

Pocahontas lived with the Algonquian Indians and was the daughter of chief Powhatan, she was his favorite daughter. The Algonquians used many weapons, but the more common ones were spears, traps, bow and arrows, and tomahawks. Algonquian women women usually grew corn, beans, squash, and picked berries, while the men hunted for fish, deer, and other mammals. The Algonquians lived in a very calm community. Men had fewer jobs then woman, but both were very important to the community. Even though the Algonquians has a very calm and settle life, they still attacked not only animals, but sometimes people, which is a better understanding of why they attacked John Smith..

Saving John Smith

The Daredevil in Her

Some historians argue about weather Pocahontas saved John Smith or not, but more evidence has been found that she did than didn't. John Smith was an English sea captain and explorer. He was captured and taken to Constantinople in a battle before he came to the new world and he escaped and made his way to New England. A lot of people wonder how Pocahontas saved John Smith, but it was simply by taking his head in her arms and volunteering her own just moments before the large club that was being used would have come down. The reason that Pocahontas saved John Smith is unknown to this day, but most people say she just didn't have the heart to let him die, others say it was for peace between the Indians and Colonists. No one will probably ever know if the story is true or not but for now we can believe it.

Life in England

A Big Change

Soon, a man from England fell in love with Pocahontas and married her. He was John Rolfe. Pocahontas decided to move to England with her husband John Rolfe, she did this because he had business to take care of. The London Company thought this break would be good for Pocahontas so she decided to go. Her husband John Rolfe was a tobacco planter and founder, he became very rich from this. This new life in England was very different from the life she had known before, she had to get use to many things, including the new clothes. She had one child named Thomas Rolfe and later died at a very young age from smallpox.


Pocahontas, an unforgettable hero. The terror, the fear, the anxiety John Smith felt while laying across that boulder and seeing the Indians clubs high in the air, ready to destroy him, and the relief he felt when the brave arms of Pocahontas wrapped around his head and saved his life, unimaginable. Scratched, scarred, strong, brave, built purely in the wilderness, knowing only the tribes ways. Only these ways didn't stay with her and the tribe, she taught them to John Smith with barely any approval of the other indians. Then big changes came. Like marrying John Rolfe, moving to England, having a child, and then the biggest change of all, death. We can only hope that someday the complete truth will be uncovered, but now we can only live with the truth that has been uncovered.