serve to conserve

save the energy you hold dear

saving energy at school

school sould probably switch to a power source that does not pollute like wind or solar,but they might be to expensive for some schools but if you school has enough money for a solar panels or wind power but there is a few things that can help with without having enough money for these power sources for example turning off water,turning off lights,etc.

but one of the most ways to conserve in charge every your tablets before school because if you have 500 tablets at one power source then that is sucking up alot of energy at once

saving energy in the community

maybe if you have the money you sould get a smart car because it uses chargers to get energy and uses less energy but the probably the best way to save energy is to use solar because there convenient but very expensive same with wind but will never run out of wind or solar power.or if you don't have alot of money then just use fossil fuels because there cheap and long lasting.most city's sould switch to a renewable energy anyways because it will never run out of wind or solar energy and might bring more people to your city.

saving energy at home

The best way to save energy at home is to turn off the lights,don't leave the sink on and save energy the best you can


Thanks for listening and remember save energy or it could be gone by tomorrow .


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