Sanford Biggers, Yinka Shonibare, and Marina Abramovic


Definition- the state of being dependent for existence on or determined in nature, value, or quality by relation to something else (Merriam Webster)

The idea that everything is interconnected and dependent upon each other. One thing cannot have a certain value or the quality and appeal it might have without the influence of something else playing into it. Everything in life is built upon blocks and blocks of itself that keep shifting and changing to the relativity it has to the things around it.


Definition- the quality of being old or ancient (Merriam Webster)

Something dating back to ancient times, such as an object or relic. Antiquities relate directly to the life and culture of an area's history and the everlasting mark it made.


Definition- The thing that is measured as seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, etc. (Merriam Webster)

A continuous onward movement that involves the past, present, and future.