Ocean Zone Research

Sea Ice


You are a travel agent booking a trip for a a family of four. They would like to check out the Sea Ice zone, but know nothing about it. The family not only needs to prepare for fun, but also needs some scientific background. They are ready to learn all you have to offer!


The Arctic surrounds the North Pole and the Antarctic surrounds the South Pole.
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Temperature and more.

The average temperatures in the Arctic are, in the summer 32F and the Winter 40F. The average temperature in the Antarctic are, in the summer 18.4F and in the winter 76F. The density of the ocean is 300kg and the salinity in 12-15 per thousand.
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When El Nino occurs it affects the sea ice by wind. There is less wind blows, which keeps ice close to the shore. During La Nina, the ice retreats on Arctic side moving to the Pacific.
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Living Things.

Many animals live in the Arctic. Large land animals, mammalia includes whales, seals and walrus.Other animal are wolves, caribou, and moose. As well as, approximately, 13 million people live in the Arctic region , which is Chordata. Other

Human Impact.

During the 19th century humans hunted animals which impacted them.
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What we can do... to SAVE THE SEA ICE!

Climate change, we can do things such as using oils, gases, ect to slow down global warming.
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