Child from the Holocaust

by: Jakirion Jackson

child from the holocaust

oro torres was born in 1931 in Salonika , Greece oro , the daughter of eliau mose and mozeltov [sasoon] torres, was the youngest of five children. her father owned a family -run clothing store. they lived in Salonika, Greece, which was home to over 60,000 jews. the Sephardic jews of Salonika, descendants of jews expelled from spain in 1492, had a strong and active jewish community and a vibrant, rich cultural life. when the germans occupied Salonika, oro was ten years old. her older brothers had fought the germans. after the greek army was defeated, they made their way back to a drastically changed Salonika. jews were forbidden to enter restauraunts and had to give up their radios. other anti- jewish measures were enacted making life exceedingly difficult. economic measures were decreed, and the torres family had to surrender the keys of their store to the germans. they had no means of earning a living, and they were quickly impoverished.