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Remote Learning Plan and Updates For Irons Jr. High

Irons Family,

Below is an update and reminder of the remote learning plan for Irons Jr. High:

1. All courses, regardless of level (Honors or Level) will be offered 100% virtually through the week of September 4, 2020. Students and teachers will utilize Canvas as the primary source of instruction. This includes all CTE classes, Athletic Classes, and other performance based classes.

2. Teachers will be working on campus and may have synchronous learning times available, but all assignments and assessments will be completed in an asynchronous fashion. This means that for all assignments students will need to login to Canvas at some point during the day and complete assignments and other tasks to be considered present for the class.

3. As of right now, all strength and conditioning and after school extra-curricular activities (including but not limited to band, football, choir, volleyball, drill team, cheer, etc.) will be allowed to practice after school so long as they follow UIL and CDC guidelines. Masks must be worn when social distancing cannot be accomplished. Individual coaches will communicate schedules if they plan to take advantage of this practice time.

4. Technology will be a massive need for students. We do have Chromebooks and some hotspots for families. Please complete this form to request technology for your student.

If you are unable to fill out the form below please contact Shelly Lundberg (

5. Parent Access will allow you to check on student information. You can set up notifications for grade updates, referrals, attendance, view student class schedule, and STAAR scores. If you have not set up an account I encourage you to do so. I have included a video link of how to complete the set up.

6. Immunizations must be updated before the first day of school.

Nurse Marcelissen reminds us that Tdap (Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis) and Meningococcal are required BEFORE the first day of school, August 12, 2020, as well as any other immunizations not in compliance with state law.

The Department of State Health Services is NOT waiving the immunization requirements due to Covid-19. This includes those students receiving ON LINE instruction.

If your child has received these immunizations and you have NOT sent a copy to the school please forward your student's updated record via email to or fax to (936) 709-8599. If you turned in the shot record last year we have all needed information on file.

If you wish to receive an exemption for immunizations, please request the form online at . The form must be notarized and the original kept here in your student's health file.

7. Free and Reduced Meal Application must be updated by September 24th to continue to receive services after that date. The online application only take about 15 minutes to complete, and significantly speeds up the approval process.

8. Curbside Meal Distribution will begin Thursday, August 13, breakfast and lunch meals will be available curbside at Irons for students to purchase or free to students who qualify.

We are no longer allowed by the state to distribute meals free to all students.

Meals will be available on the bus ramp Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 a.m. until noon. Multiple meals will be distributed on pick up days.

Tuesday: 2 breakfast meals/ 2 lunch meals

Thursday: 3 breakfast meals/ 3 lunch meals

A student meal card located in Parent Access must be presented to scan and identify the student when meals are picked up. The card can be printed on paper or presented electronically on a phone. No change will be made for cash transactions and any change will be applied to student's meal account.

Pre-payments can be made at

Meal prices and the free and reduced meal application are available on the child nutrition website.

9. Texas Governor's Executive Order mandates face covering will be required of all students and staff while on campus to mitigate exposure to COVID-19.

Attendance and Grades with Remote Learning

Attendance. Attendance serves two purposes in Texas public education. First, attendance in the traditional setting generally aligns with academic achievement. Students with consistent attendance have a better change of being academically successful. (Source) Second, attendance is how school districts are funded by the state.

While we are in 100% remote learning, we will take attendance through engagement checks. This means that a student will be considered present if they engage with their material or teacher for all scheduled class periods daily.

This can most effectively be done by logging into Canvas and starting an assignment or emailing the instructor. An assignment being completed is not necessary for a student to be considered present. The student must engage by 11:59pm on the day of the class to be considered present for that day.

Teachers will update attendance the following school day for a class. Therefore, if I was a 7th grade student that had Language Arts 4th period and I logged onto Canvas and accessed the notes and practice questions for my Language Arts class at 10:00 pm - the teacher would mark me present when they get to school the next day.

This is essentially how attendance will work for remote learning throughout the year. When we return to school with in person instruction, remote learners will follow the same attendance policy. In person learners will follow the in person attendance policies - However, they will still be able to be considered present if they are not at school and engage in material remotely.

Grades and Assignments. Grades will be taken at a minimum of ten (10) daily grades (HW, Quizzes, in class assignments) and three (3) major grades (Tests, Projects, Papers) per nine weeks. This will be the case for both in person and remote learning. Students will have similar, if not the same, assignments both remotely and in person.

Tests will be given in Canvas during remote instruction.Papers and projects may be turned in through Canvas as well. At times, utilizing Google Drive through the SSO may be expected of a student.

There are certain classes (Ceramics, etc.) where either simple web-browser (Chromebooks) or virtual learning may make it difficult to complete the course.

During district mandated remote learning (through September 4, 2020) all courses will be able to be completed in a remote environment. However, when in person learning resumes certain courses may need to be taken at school in order for the student to get credit for the course.

The district is currently working with Jr. High schools to finalize those courses and that list will be available soon. When we have a final list counselors will contact those who have signed up for remote learning and are in a course that must meet in person to see what the next steps will be for that student.

There will be more guidance and clarity on attendance and grading guidelines as we progress toward August 12, 2020.