And how the moon efects them


There are  four kinds of tides. High tides, low tides spring tides, and neap tides. Tides are caused when the moon or the sun pull on the water with their gravity. for example:when the moon is over water, the moons gravity will pull on the water creating a bulge. This creates high and low tides. neap and spring tides are made when the sun and moon pull on the same spot making a large bulge. The large bulge creates spring tides and the low water level around it makes neap tides.


From any location  on earth, the moon seems to be a circular disc but we do not allways see all of the moon. Sometimes we only see portions of the moon like new moons  cresent moons, and quarter moons. The sun only shines on one side of the moon so you can only see certain amouts of the moon at a time. The moon has a uniqe  stratigie of waxing and waning. When the moon gets bigger from our sight, it is called  waxing moon. When the moon gets smaller from are sight, it is called a waning moon.

How the moon and tides relate

The moon and tides relate because without the moon, there probably would'nt  be as many tides because the moon is closer to earth than the sun so the moon has more affect on tides than the sun.

Why are there pridictable tide patterns

There are predictable patterns of tides because They also can predict tides by looking at the moons daily pattern. The moon goes in the same pattern so all you have to do is see where the moon is and you can easyily.

Without a moon?

If we didnt have a moon, we would have nothing to look at at night. It would also effect tides. At least your sandcastles wont get destroyed!