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Welcome to Butterfly School 2016-2017

Hello everyone! For those whom I’ve not previously met, my name is Peggy Taylor and I am the new Director of Riverside Butterfly School. It is truly and honor and privilege to join with these dedicated teachers and be a part of this amazing school! Butterfly School has an established history as one of Coppell’s finest preschools.

Just a little about me- I graduated from Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor of Science in Education and a minor in Early Childhood Education and Music. I taught at Head Start one year while taking graduate hours at ACU. I then taught Kindergarten for 11 years in the Abilene ISD. I moved to Coppell in 1995, where I have taught first grade for 20 years at Mockingbird Elementary School and was lucky enough to have been a PreFirst teacher too. I firmly believe in developmentally appropriate education for young children! My husband Greg and I are members here at Riverside Church.

If you have not yet seen our FACEBOOK page, please log on and like us! For your child’s protection, know that if you gave permission on the emergency contact information sheet to use pictures of your child, we will never attach a full name to a photo. That is just best practice. Thank you Meghan Bulls for taking on this project.


I am delighted to present an updated Butterfly School logo painted by Izzy Hall, an ex-Butterfly School student who is now a Coppell High School junior. In the spirit of Eric Carl, she has painted a beautiful butterfly that you will be seeing around our school! You can see more of Izzy’s art here. www.lghallelujah.com I want to thank Izzy for her contribution!

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PLEASE don't forget to turn in your child's physician statement by the end of the month!

Budding Artists in Butterfly School!

Hello, my name is Shelby Weber. I am the Butterfly School art teacher. This month in art we will be learning about primary colors, secondary colors, tint and shade. We will be playing with, and mixing paints to discover new colors, and working with different types of lines! Questions you might ask your learner are: "What are the primary colors?" They should tell you, Yellow, Blue and Red.

"What color do you get if you mix red and yellow?" They should tell you orange, a secondary color.

"What color do you get if you mix red and blue?" They should tell you purple, another secondary color.
"What color do you get if you mix yellow and blue?" They should tell you green!
Some types of lines they might talk about are curvy, straight, dotted, loopy, zig-zag, thick or thin to name a few!

Musical Moments

Welcome! I am Ms. Kim and I would like to welcome your children to music this year! In September, we will be singing some familiar songs to get them back in the groove. We'll be using our shakers and scarves this month to get the children moving to the rhythm of music. They love the "Freeze Dance" where they learn to freeze and stop shaking their eggs when they hear the word ‘freeze’ at certain points in the song. It's a great way to enhance their cognitive development as well as their tactile senses. We will also be singing some songs with specific movements such as lying on their tummies pretending to be fish, rolling up in a ball, and the superman pose where they lift their arms and legs off the floor while on their tummy. These movements will improve their trunk stability which is important physically. It is also helpful academically because they will develop the core strength needed to sit upright for longer lengths of time which improves classroom focus. I am looking forward to a wonderful year teaching your precious children.

Chapel Chat

Hi! My name is Debby Gage and I am the Butterfly School Chapel teacher. It is a blessing to spend time with the children in chapel where we learn about what God has done, what he continues to do for us, and what we can do in response to his love and grace. In September, we'll answer the question "What Is Chapel?" We'll learn that in chapel we'll praise God with music and by talking to him in prayer. We'll listen to God when we hear stories from the Bible, God's story. The memory verse for September is "Lord teach me your ways" from Psalm 27:11.


Hola! My name is Martha and I am the Butterfly School Spanish teacher. It is so exciting to get to see so many familiar faces and to meet all the new students that come to Spanish! We are starting off our year learning simple phrases. We are practicing saying hello, good bye, and introducing ourselves. We will learn our colors through playing games, singing songs and other fun activities! We are activity engaged in our learning but you will see a page that come home after class. This page will help you understand what we’ve been learning in class. It is not something we spend a lot of time on in class as we are participating in other fun Spanish activities! Use the page as an opportunity to find out about the songs or the vocabulary or games they played that day!

Movement Matters

Hi my name is Lisa Price and I am the new P.E Teacher at Butterfly School. I'm married and have 2 beautiful daughters. I worked for the YMCA when I lived in Florida. I was the assistant site director for the kids morning and after school care. I currently work part time at Texas Family Fitness in the kid’s club. As you can tell I love working with kids! I am so excited to be teaching our young learners on how important P.E is. I will try to have a theme for every month of the school year. For September our theme is Yoga!

Sensational Science

Hi! I'm Ms Tracy and I am the PreKinder Friday Science Teacher. We have a great time exploring and discovering! I am looking forward to an amazing year with my scientists!
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An AMAZING group of teachers!

Everyday your children are in great hands! Butterfly School is blessed to have such dedicated, hardworking educators looking out for the best interest of your child!
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