Processes and Procedures Of Science

Data and Observations

Types Of Scientific Investigations

Once you ask a scientific question you need answers. You could answer it in many ways

considered. You can ask questions and answer them using data. Data is important pieces of information, Data includes observations and facts.

Collecting Data And Other Importants

scientists make observations during science investigations. They record data to answer

questions about the world, When you ask questions about the world around you are acting like a scientists.

Vocabulary Words

Scientific Investigations

Drawing Conclusions With Data

Scientists use their schema to answer questions and draw conclusions like so graphs and text features. Scientists must use data to support their conclusions like to find out

how much meters are in a mile.

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Questions And Answers

Which of these questions is a scientific questions?

A. Is purple flowers better than blue?

B. Which animal in the zoo ways the most?

C. How old am I ?

Which statement best explains why lee will not know what caused her results?

A She is growing more then one plant?

B She is growing the plants with the same soil?

C She has the same sunlight on the plants?

Which question could someone answer with scientific investigations

A. Are trees prettier than grass?

B. Doe's pizza taste better than salad?

C. Doe's corn grow faster than soy beans?