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Microsoft Forms in Office 365

Descriptor of Session

Microsoft Forms is a new part of Office 365 Education that allows teachers or students

to easily and quickly create custom surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, registrations and

more. Form authors can invite others to complete forms, which they can do using any

web browser, even on mobile devices. During this session, participants will learn how

to create forms and share them with their students to assess the content they have

presented in class.

Objectives for the session:

· Participants will be able to create their own forms using various question types

· Participants will be able to adjust the settings to shuffle questions and answers,

and apply a deadline

· Participants will be able to deliver a form to student’s in multiple ways

· Participants will be able to read the results of form in two ways

Success Criteria

· Participants created a form and added more than one question type

· Participants applied a deadline to a form and learned how to change the

settings of a form.

· Participants learned at least one way to distribute a form.

· Participants analyzed a form response in real time

Bell Work

Watch the video below.

Task 1: Taking an Assessment Overview

  • Click this link to an assessment: Forms for Assessment
  • Answer the questions in the form to experience how your students would take their assessments
  • Discuss how you felt about taking the assessment with forms.

Look at the Results from the Form

Task 2: Creating an Assessment

  • Go to the waffle from your email.
  • Click on Forms icon
  • Teachers will create a Form with at least two different types of questions and at

least 3 questions.

Form Question Types

  • Choice (single/multiple choices) | No correct answer
  • Quiz | Correct answer
  • Text (short answer/long answer)
  • Rating (Likert scale)
  • Ranking (Ordering)- follow the ellipsis

Items to Look at:

  • Inserting a Picture
  • Adding Comments to Answers
  • Shuffle Answers
  • Require Answers
  • Moving Questions
  • Adding Links to articles or videos
  • Display correct answers for responders
  • Setting a due date

Task 3: Sharing an Assessment

  • Discuss Sharing Options (Link, embed, QR code)
  • Click here for Padlet
  • Click anywhere on the Padlet and copy and paste your link.
  • What do you think would work best for your students?

Task 4: Assessment Viewing Reports

  1. Click on someone else’s link or scan their QR code and take their assessment.
  2. View reports and Summary and Individual
  3. Download results into Excel
  4. How could you use these results to remediate and enrich your students?

Closure Activity: Uses of Forms

In the Padlet we used earlier, please answer the following question:

In what ways can you use Microsoft Forms in your classroom?

Extra Resources

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Kathy Paul

Instructional Technology Coach

Wilson Elementary (MWF)

Buchanan Elementary (T/TH)